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Building your career in Norway

What are the rules and regulations you need to know if you’re working in Norway? What should you know about Norwegian culture? Learn about the behaviour, norms and values that influence employment - and work relationships - in this country.

Want to work in Norway? This is what you need to know

If you are thinking about moving to Norway for work, there are certain conditions you must meet.

Asian woman

Salary in Norway: 6 things you need to know

When it comes to the labour market, Norway is famous for their trade unions, favourable workers’ rights, and perhaps mostly, high salaries.

Parental leave in Norway? What you should know

How long will you be entitled to parental benefits and how do you apply? Here’s what you need to know about paternity and maternity leave.

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Egenmelding: What to do if you can’t work because you’re sick/injured

Egenmelding – a sort of ‘self-certification’.

About your salary

Salary is more than an annual wage adjustment, and you’ll find answers here to the most frequently asked salary questions.

Being laid off?

Find answers to all of your questions if you’re being laid off

About your vacation

Who has the right to take vacation days in Norway? How do you earn vacation pay? What happens to your vacation pay when you quit? What does the Holiday Act say?