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Stilisert illustrasjon som viser en person som blir målt med målebånd, og ser seg selv i speilet med diagrammer som svever rundt

Career development services

Once in awhile it’s important to ask yourself: Am I on the right career path? Make a fresh start! And do so using Tekna’s many services, all of which will help you make your next career move.

Is it time to try something new?

Everyone wants to look inside a crystal ball and say what we’ll need in the future. Trends can change, and the only thing that’s certain is that job-related needs are changing at an ever faster pace. You’ve acquired a lot of skills, and there are different steps you can take to ensure that your competency will stay relevant throughout your entire working life.

  Tekna offers you helpful services whether you’re looking for a new job or want to further develop your skills at your current job, no matter how far along in your career.

Competency Mapping Tools

In today’s society, competency is like fresh produce with a short sell-by date. But what kind of competency is relevant now, and how can you make sure that what you know now will be relevant in the future of work?

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