Join the over 12,500 students at 12 colleges and universities across Norway and abroad who know that a great organization has got their back.

As a member in Tekna, you get 2 for 1: We’re both a trade union and professional association. So in addition to all the trade union services we provide involving salaries, negotiations and employment conditions, all of which you’ll make use of when entering the workforce, we also provide you with several professional activities and benefits through our professional networks, courses and events – not least of which are a lot of special student offers!

Unfortunately, My page (Min side) is in Norwegian only, so if you need help please do not hesitate to contact us on 22 94 75 00 or

  • Benefits A-Z

  • ANSA-membership

    What: ANSA is the organization for you if you’ve thought of studying abroad at some point during your studies. As a Tekna member you’ll receive free membership in ANSA (regular price NOK 480 /2020). An ANSA membership will provide you with several benefits, including:

    • A good rate on comprehensive insurance for you while studying abroad
    • Social activities over the entire world
    • Cooperation with the Norwegian Church Abroad regarding emergency response situations
    • Tips and advice about studying abroad


    How: You can join ANSA on their website, before leaving to study abroad.

  • Direct debit and/or e-invoice

    What: In order to avoid receiving paper invoices, you can set up a direct debit/e-invoice agreement with us, either in your online bank as soon as you’ve gotten your first paper invoice from us in the mail, or you can set this up right away on our website if you’d like.

    How: Set up an electronic payment agreement here

  • Courses and events at your school

    What: Tekna arranges all kinds of social and professional member events at your college or university. 

    It is our Tekna volunteers – the student contacts – who organize these activities. They are your fellow students, and you’ll most likely meet them on campus in front of a Tekna stand. This is where they give you coffee, answer your questions and have a chat, so please come on over and say hi!

    By attending Tekna events, you can get to know other students who, like you, are planning on completing their Master’s degree in science, technology, engineering or math. Making new friends in your field can open doors and give you previously unimaginable possibilities - and a lot of fun - while you’re studying!

    Stressed out before an exam? Tekna makes sure you’ll sleep well at night by arranging exam prep crash courses in connection with many of your foundation courses – and they’re absolutely free for members like you.     

    Have you signed up for a course or event you can’t make after all? We’d really appreciate it if you’d cancel your registration so that somebody else can take your place. Please note! This applies only to free courses/events.

    How: You’ll find an event schedule for your school on our website and Facebook page (search ‘Tekna student’). You’ll also get e-mail invitations on a regular basis.   

    Cancellation: Have you signed up for a course or event but found out you can’t make it after all? We’d really appreciate it if you’d cancel your registration on My Page: Min Side/Mine kurs so that somebody else can take your place.   

  • Crash course

    What: Stressed out before an exam? Tekna makes sure that you can sleep well at night by arranging exam preparation crash courses in many of your basic subjects – completely free for you as a member.  

    How: See which crash courses are being set up where you are studying:  ditt studiested.

  • Employment conditions

    What: Our experienced attorneys answer your questions about salary, vacation and other topics. They’re also more than willing to read through your employment contract before you sign it. This service also applies to relevant summer jobs/part-time jobs while you’re a student (relevant in relation to what you’re studying).

    How: Send an e-mail to or call the emergency phone line at tel. nr. 22 94 75 00, open 9-15 every weekday. Read more about the legal aid provided at , or read our articles that provide answers to commonly asked questions at

  • Entrepreneur

    What: Are you already an entrepreneur at heart? A lot of Tekna’s members are entrepreneurs, and Tekna has its own network for members who are planning to start or have started their own business. This network is called Tekna Egen bedrift, and it provides mentoring, legal advice and personal insurance and banking services, etc.

    If you start your own business after you’ve graduated, you can get an entrepreneur discount on your Tekna dues during the first two years after starting up if you have less than a 50% paid position somewhere else.

    How: Read about Tekna Egen bedrift and join this network on Min side/Min profil under the Membership menu.

  • Insurance

    What:   Having insurance is one way of taking care of yourself in case of loss. Tekna works to provide you with security every day. That’s why we include disability insurance in your membership, delivered by the insurance company Gjensidige. For a young adult, being healthy enough to work is the most important asset you own, and not having the possibility of earning an income makes life difficult. This type of insurance applies in case you’re unlucky enough to become permanently disabled due to an accident or physical/mental illness. Read more about the insurance here (sorry, in Norwegian only). In order to take advantage of this offer, you’ll need to contact Gjensidige at tel. 915 03 100 and state the following insurance code: 88 02 56 77 plus your membership number.

    You can also choose one more type of student insurance in the membership price

     Choose between these two types:

    Household contents insurance is a smart choice if you don’t have it already or are covered by your parents/guardians’ plan (check with them).  

    This plan covers your personal property up to NOK 150,000 in addition to theft of a locked bike up to NOK 10,000. Your co-pay is NOK 3,000. Read more about household contents insurance here (sorry, in Norwegian only). PS! Do you live in a collective? Remember that everyone there has to have their own household contents insurance.

    Theft insurance for PC, tablet and cell phone is a smart thing to have and includes repair of cracked screens up to NOK 20,000 per accident. Your co-pay is NOK 500. Read more about theft insurance here (sorry, in Norwegian only).  

    Should you also need travel/car insurance or any other type of insurance, you’ll get discounted Tekna rates at

    How: Most members choose either household contents or theft insurance (PC/tablet/cell phone) as soon as they sign up, but if you haven’t selected any insurance yet, or would like to switch insurance, you can do this on My page: Min Profil/Studentforsikring (Please note! You’re only allowed to switch once a year). You get disability insurance automatically, so you don’t need to do anything with this policy.

    If you need to report an accident or theft, you can do so by going on Gjensidige’s website or calling them at 915 03 100., and state your insurance number (also called policy number): 85 71 23 62, as well as your own membership number. You’ll find your membership number on Min side/Min profil. Tekna’s customer number in Gjensidige is: 609 7142 0782.  The policy numbers for the following types of insurance are:

    Household contents: 88 02 56 77

    Theft PC/mobile/tablet: 88 02 56 77

    Disability: 88 02 56 77

  • Interest profile

    What: On Min Side you can specify what your interests are and, if you like, choose to receive e-mails about courses and events in your areas of interest.

    How: On Min side/Min profil under the Interests menu.

  • Invoice

    What: Membership in Tekna means having a pre-authorized subscription that renews itself automatically, costing NOK 150 per semester for students. We send you a bill once per semester. In order to avoid receiving these in the mail, we recommend that you set up an e-invoice or direct debit agreement with us.

    How: Set up electronic payment either in your online bank or  here

  • Job search/job search portal

    What: We can help you with a summer/part-time job and your first job after graduating: We review your CV/cover letter and advise you how to improve them, we advise you how you can improve your LinkedIn profile, how you can perform well at a a job interview, tips about where you can find jobs and how you can use your network, etc.   

    How: Send in your CV and an example of an application you’ve written to and we’ll review it and offer you useful tips. You’ll get an answer within a week. Log on to Teknas jobbsøkerportal to get good advice and tips. You will find some information in English on this page:

  • Legal aid: Work

    What: Tekna’s experienced attorneys help you by providing advice regarding salary and employment contracts about both your first job after graduation and summer/part-time work.

    How: You can contact us through our emergency phone line at 22 94 75 00 Monday-Friday 9-15, or by sending an e-mail to with questions about your salary and/or employment contract. You usually receive an answer within 2 business days.

  • Legal aid: Private

    What: You’d have to figure on paying around NOK 2,000 per hour for legal help on the private market – but you have an attorney included in your membership! Great deal, don’t you think? Our Tekna attorneys can help you in several areas, including:

    Our Tekna attorneys can help you with:

    • Consumer purchases - have you bought a used car that’s turned out to be a lemon? Or are wondering if you have the right to get a new PC when the one you bought not too long ago has started giving you problems?
    • Co-habitation contract – we have a standard contract you can use – contact us!
    • Rental disagreements – Are you moving out? Avoid trouble; use a standard rental contract when you’re going to rent somewhere, f.ex. from the Norwegian Consumer Council

    Our Tekna attorneys can answer your detailed questions, guide you in how you handle any disagreements and clarify how you can move your case forward if needed.

    How: Send an e-mail to State your membership number and a phone number where you can be reached.

  • Member Letter

    What: Each month we send all members a newsletter on e-mail where we keep you updated on political issues and what’s happening in our association.

    How: A monthly letter is sent to your registered e-mail address.

  • Membership

    What: Your membership becomes active starting on the date we approve your membership application (date of membership). You can see this date on My Page:  Min Side/Min profil. Your student insurance policies also become active from this date. Tekna members have a pre-authorized subscription that is renewed automatically and costs students NOK 150 per semester. We send you an invoice each semester; in order to avoid getting this in the mail, we recommend that you set up an e-invoice or direct debit agreement with us. 

    How: See My Page for  all details about your membership . Set up an e-invoice/direct debit agreement with us here.

  • Membership number

    What: You’ll need your membership number if for example you want to report an accident or theft to Gjensidige Insurance. Your membership number appears on My Page: Min profil.

    How: See My Page: Min profil

  • My page

    What: Self-service is often the most convenient way to get something done. On Min side you can:

    • See the types of insurance included in your membership fee as well as choose/change your insurance plan
    • Change your contact information when you move
    • Cancel events when you’ve found out you can’t attend them after all  
    • Use the job search portal containing a ton of great tips about summer jobs and getting your first job when you’re done at school
    • Find an A-Z list of membership benefits
    • Change your educational information should you switch majors or delay (an) exam(s)  Confirm the completion of your educational program and tell us where you’ve gotten a job so that you don’t miss out on membership advantages in connection with salary negotiations, etc.

    How: Read more information on My Page: Min side

  • Politics

    What: Tekna works actively through media and directly with the Government, Parliament and other organizations in order to promote our political views. Our beliefs are included in Tekna’s political documents. Tekna is a politically independent trade union.

    How: Read more about Tekna’s policy documents, hearings and reports here  

  • Professional network

    What: In Tekna you get 2 for 1: We’re both a trade union and professional network. We have several professional networks that arrange meetings and debates. These are also open to students, so get insight into working life through participating in one (or more) of our networks!

    How: See listing of networks here Oversikt over fagnettverkene and join on Min Side.

  • Recruit a co-student

    What: Do you have a fellow student who you think should become a Tekna member? Send them an invitation to sign up via our recruiting website. You’ll get a prize for each new member you recruit – see these prizes on this same website. Remember that the person you recruit must be studying towards a Master’s degree in science, technology, engineering or math.

    How: Recruit a co-student here:

  • Salary statistics and recommendation

    What: Every autumn, Tekna sends out a salary survey to all working members and uses the collective results to produce statistics, which are published on in the beginning of December each year and form an important basis for salary negotiations the following year.   

    For you who has graduated and is getting started on your career, we give you a recommendation about what your starting salary should be. Starting your career at the correct salary level is extremely important for your future salary development.

    How: See salary statistics for members here:  Teknas lønnsstatistikk . See recommendation for start salary here:  begynnerlønnsanbefaling . Send an e-mail to or call 22 94 75 00 if you have questions regarding your salary. This also applies to salaries for relevant summer/part-time work (‘relevant’ meaning that it relates to what you’re studying).

  • Starting salary

    What: For you who’s gotten your degree and are about to enter the working world, we offer advice about your starting salary. It’s extremely important for your future salary development that you start your career out at the correct level, and we can help you with this transition. 

    How: Read about Teknas salary statistics here:  Tekna’s lønnsstatistikk . Read about recommended start salary here :begynnerlønnsanbefaling. Send an e-mail to or call tel. nr. 22 94 75 00 if you have questions. Are you wondering about the salary you should ask for regarding a relevant summer job/part-time job (relevant in relation to what you’re studying)? Send an e-mail to

  • Study abroad (outside Norway)


    Studying abroad gives you great memories that’ll last a lifetime!

    Have you ever thought about studying abroad? ANSA is the organization for you who’ve thought about studying abroad at some point during your studies.

    As a Tekna member you get free membership in ANSA (regular fee is NOK 480 per year).

    An ANSA-membership gives you among other things: 

    • Great insurance plans (cost and content) 
    • Social activities all over the world
    • Emergency response collaboration with the Seaman’s Church 
    • Tips and guidance about studying in a foreign country

    How: Join ANSA on their website before leaving for your foreign studies.

  • Tekna Magazine

    What: Tekna Magazine has all kinds of interesting information about members, technology, career paths and politics.


  • Tekna’s student stipend

    Hva: Are you starting your Master’s thesis and looking for financing? Apply for Tekna’s student stipend! Perhaps you and your project will be lucky enough to be awarded up to NOK 50,000?

    How:  Apply form and deadlines here  (sorry, in Norwegian only – contact us on if you have any questions)

  • Teknisk Ukeblad

    What: Teknisk Ukeblad (TU) is published in paper version 11 times annually (2018), and as a member you receive the magazine free in the mail. If you would rather receive TU digitally, enter this information on TU’s website.

    How: If you’d like to receive the digital version of TU, you’ll need to sign up for a new user account on  If you do not want to receive TU at all, send an e-mail to

  • Volunteering

    What: Do you want to help out? Do you have any suggestions and ideas for Tekna events at your school? Would you consider becoming a Tekna student representative?

    How: Talk to one of the Tekna student contacts where you study, you’ll meet them at a Tekna stand!

  • Working

    What: Tekna has representatives in many workplaces around Norway, perhaps in one where you’ve applied for work. It can be wise to talk with a representative in order to become better acquainted with the organization where you’d like to work. If you get a job where there is a Tekna group, you automatically join this group and are thereby covered by the collective salary negotiations at this workplace.

    You should also be aware of the fact that since you’re organized in Tekna, you have several workplace rights that non-members do not have, including the right to participate in an annual salary negotiation with your superior. You can read more about this in tariffavtalene.
    Additionally, all Tekna members have access to our salary statistics and regarding work-related questions, for example during reorganization/downsizing, etc., or for questions about work schedules, vacation, pension, etc. 

    How: You can get ahold of representatives’ e-mail addresses by contacting us at tel. nr. 22 94 75 00 (choose ‘legal’ from the dropdown menu) or send an e-mail to

    If there is a Tekna group where you start working, you’ll be automatically registered there provided that you’ve registered where you work on My page: Min Side.

Modified date: Thursday, July 2, 2020