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En lykkelig ung kvinne holder en husnøkkel og klemmer en mann

New agreement with Handelsbanken

From January 2024, all members will have access to our new bank agreement. Whether you are a mortgage customer, student, self-employed or looking for good savings products, you will find a complete offer at Handelsbanken.


We are confident that our agreement over time offers one of the best deals on several different mortgage products. The very best mortgage interest rate is available to those under 34 years of age, and you can borrow up to 85% of the value of your home. Check how much you can save on our page at Handelsbanken.

Daily banking

Great terms on your home loan are followed by a web and mobile bank where you easily solve your ongoing banking tasks.

The agreement gives you, among other things:

  • Apple Pay
  • Debit card and all the accounts you need for 295 kroner per year
  • Possibility for credit cards without annual fees, and with free lounge access
  • Lower fees and higher deposit rates

Digital services

Exciting things are happening here. After a long period of development and heavy investments, there will be a lot of new and exciting things happening in the bank’s digital services in the future.

Service and advice

According to EPSI, Handelsbanken is the best at providing advice and the easiest bank to get in touch with. In addition, they are the best major bank in customer satisfaction in the private market.

Already a customer of Handelsbanken?

If you are already a customer of Handelsbanken, you will receive our new terms and conditions. Remember to let them know that you are a Tekna member.

Ready to use the agreement?

Find out more at Handelsbanken, where everything is ready for you to become a customer.

No. Members who currently have a customer relationship with Danske Bank must contact Handelsbanken themselves. They will make it easy for you to switch. Welcome!

Here you can read the press release from when we signed the agreement.

Important for the choice of banking connection:

  • Very attractive terms for our members
  • That Handelsbanken is a long-term and solid partner
  • A bank that can offer the very best customer experiences through digital solutions and good financial advice

We know that our members have high expectations for technology and digital user experiences. Handelsbanken invests widely in the development of technology, and is now building a completely new digital banking offer for you as a future customer.

Handelsbanken is known for being personal, long-term, and putting the customer’s needs first. We believe this contributes to us having such satisfied customers year after year. You can expect brand new and efficient digital solutions, an accessible customer center, and access to your own advisor at the nearest bank office.

According to EPSI, Handelsbanken is the best at advising, and the easiest bank to get in touch with. In addition, they are the second-best bank in customer satisfaction in the private market, only beaten by Bulder.

The agreement is designed in such a way that over time it will ensure competitive prices - and together with all the other benefits be the best agreement for the members. You can find interest rates and conditions on our website at Handelsbanken.

Handelsbanken is Norway’s third largest corporate bank with a market share of eight percent, but is also a bank for private customers with a market share of three percent. The bank has grown by having satisfied customers who recommend the bank further.

Handelsbanken is called Svenska Handelsbanken AB. They were established in Stockholm in 1871, and today they are the oldest company listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Handelsbanken came to Norway in 1988, is registered in Norway as Handelsbanken NUF (Norwegian foreign company). They have since built up a significant business here, both in the corporate market and the personal market. The Handelsbanken Group’s headquarters are located in Stockholm. Handelsbanken also has operations in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

Handelsbanken is currently working on developing completely new solutions that will enhance the user experience of the bank. There will be constant improvements and news throughout the year, and they have high ambitions to have a leading digital offer for customers.

If you are a member and already a customer at Handelsbanken, you must let them know that you are a Tekna member, in order to get the new benefits.

Handelsbanken is proactive in sustainability - with high ambitions including net zero emissions by 2040, ten years before the Paris Agreement’s goal.

Handelsbanken also has the ambition to be recognized as the most sustainable bank. According to the Norwegian Sustainability Barometer 2023, Handelsbanken in Norway is considered Norway’s third most sustainable business by customers. Handelsbanken’s head office and six bank branches have been certified as an ‘Environmental Lighthouse’ since June 2023, which means that environmental and climate work is incorporated into the management system and is regularly followed up by management. We are working to certify the rest of the offices continuously.

In the Ethical Bank Guide, Handelsbanken scores weaker. This is because the Ethical Bank Guide is a ranking that assesses publicly available documents; it is not an assessment of how companies actually work with sustainability and ethics in practice.

In the review, Handelsbanken gets a good score on important areas for the bank - such as policy documents and guidelines for climate change, while the bank gets a poor score in areas where it does not operate, and therefore does not have policies (such as weapons).

The Ethical Bank Guide is based on policies from the group level, and does not reward Norwegian documents, such as documents dealing with compliance with the Transparency Act (about human rights).

Handelsbanken is committed to the bank’s business model being responsible and sustainable. The model and culture are built on long-term, low risk tolerance, the customer’s best interest, and decentralized responsibility - which in sum contributes to choices that serve both society and customers.

Yes, you will get this at Handelsbanken! They are working on getting this in place, but do not have an exact date yet.

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