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Legal assistance

Our lawyers give you answers when you need them. We answer questions regarding legal challenges at work in addition to private matters.

Contact our legal department at tel. +47 22 94 75 00

Legal assistance: Employment

As a member, you are entitled to receive free legal advice regarding all aspects of your employment contract and working conditions. Subject to a review of the individual case, we can both prepare and prosecute court cases.

We help you in a wide range of areas including dismissal, layoffs, patent creation and intellectual property rights.

Contact us at [email protected] 

Legal advice: Private law

Who do we advise?
Tekna Private Law is a member service that includes assistance for the member themselves and, depending on the circumstances, assistance related to the member's spouse/partner and minor children.

What is the extent of the advice?
Tekna Private Law provides advice and guidance on various private legal issues.

Read more about how we can help you with private law.

Use of the service

We recommend that you send anything containing sensitive personal information encrypted or by letter to us.

To receive legal assistance, one must have been a member of Tekna for at least six months before the issue you seek assistance for arose.

If you have an occupational injury case, we have a partnership agreement with the law firm Ness Lundin DA. Send the case to us and we will assess what we can assist with.


Specifically about the advisory service Tekna Private Law

Tekna Private Law is an additional offer to members and the scope of the offer is governed by the lawyer capacity at Tekna. It is therefore subject to the fact that the caseload can sometimes be large, and that we may occasionally have to reject questions or limit our answers for capacity reasons.

The advice given to members will, as a starting point, be given in writing, based on the member's submitted description of the case and the questions they wish to have answered. Below is an overview of the legal areas that are particularly covered.

Tekna Private Law provides advice and guidance on:

  • Family, inheritance, and estate matters, including marital agreements, cohabitation agreements, and powers of attorney for future needs, wills
  • Tenancy law
  • Purchase and sale of real estate, including construction of housing
  • Purchase and sale of personal property, including cars and boats
  • Contracts for artisan services
  • Various questions about real estate, including neighborhood relations, questions about housing cooperatives and condominium associations, questions about right of way and other rights in real estate
  • Compensation, insurance

Tekna Private Law does not provide advice and guidance on:

  • Criminal law
  • Immigration law
  • Tax and duty law
  • Conflicts with the public sector (state, county, municipality, and public institutions)

Tekna Private Law reserves the right to reject particularly extensive or complicated cases, such as cases of allodial rights and complex leasehold cases, which we do not have the capacity to handle.

We also reserve the right to limit the offer to providing general information if special circumstances dictate it, for example where members are against each other in the same conflict.

Q&A Our lawyers’ advice in your following worklife situations: 

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