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Tekna representatives

Tekna's 4,000 elected representatives provide our members with the best possible working conditions, local activities and professional development opportunities. Some union representatives represent Tekna members at workplace meetings with management about work-related issues, while others focus on providing members with high-quality professional meeting places, courses and seminars.

Curious about what an elected representative does?

What does a representative do?

The expectations of you as an elected Tekna representative vary according to your role. Read more about the different roles and what they mean

Why do we need union representatives?

Currently, 49% of all employees in Norway are members of a trade union. Many people are unaware of the many Norwegian welfare state benefits that have been negotiated through the trade union movement. Read more about the Norwegian Model here.

This is how you get elected

As a Tekna representative, you do an important job that benefits many people. Here's how to proceed if you want to get elected. If there’s no Tekna representative at your workplace, you can start by creating a Tekna group.

Thank you for trusting our representatives!

The year 2019 was the year of the union representatives in Tekna. The overall goal of the campaign was to show pride for each representative in addition to promoting the importance of their work. Get better acquainted with our representatives!