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Bilde av et tomt bord med stoler rundt i et møterom. Kaffekanne og vann og frukt står på bordet.
Take a seat at the table – start a Tekna group at your workplace!

Advice and Tips

How can I start a local Tekna group?

Published: Mar. 21 2023

If there isn’t already a Tekna group at your workplace, it’s easy to start one. A group can be started if there are 3 Tekna members at a private sector workplace; and only 2 members are needed for starting a Tekna group in the public sector.

What are the advantages of having a local Tekna group?

  1. Members get an arena to discuss working and wage conditions at their workplace; they also have a line of communication to management via their union representative, who passes on their shared interests.
  2. Members can demand a collective agreement at their workplace, which expands rights for both members and representatives, including in areas where organizations would otherwise make unilateral decisions.

A collective agreement:

  • is a prerequisite for members’ right to participate in annual wage negotiations.
  • gives members the right to bargain on important questions about their working conditions.
  • gives members the right to receive information from management.

In the private sector, you need only 3 Tekna members to create a group (or 2 members in the public sector). 

What are the advantages of being a union representative?

  1. You get access to Tekna’s popular courses, which are useful for your role as a representative and your personal development. Tekna covers all expenses for representative courses, and you have the right to participate in compulsory courses during working hours.
  2. The knowledge you acquire as a representative, including labor law and operations, will be useful for moving into a future role in management.
  3. You learn a lot about your organization and have the opportunity to make a positive impact on it and your fellow Tekna members.
  4. You get access to online resources for representatives as well as individual advisement from Tekna’s staff members.

How do I start a group?

If there are a minimum of 3 Tekna members who want to start a group (2 members in the public sector), you can do so by following these steps:     

  1. One or more members in the organization can call a members meeting in order to establish a Tekna group. Tekna can help with the practical meeting arrangements (and can also participate in it if desired). Please refer to our contact information below.
  2. During the meeting, if an agreement is reached to start a group, a board must be chosen to lead it. Statutes must also be adopted to set out rules of operation. The number of board members depends of course on the size of the group, but it should contain at least one chair and one deputy chair. Meeting minutes must also be taken.
  3. If you want to make changes to the statutes, these must be approved by Tekna’s head office. Please contact us for more information.  
  4. After holding your members meeting, you must send your bylaws and minutes to Tekna so we can enter your group into our database. Once this is done, your representatives will get all access and information they need to carry out their work.
  5. In the private sector, Tekna informs the organization that a group has been started, and who will represent this group. In the public sector, the representatives themselves can inform their employer that a group has been started, and who will represent this group.
  6. In the private sector, we advise you to demand a collective  agreement if this is what you want; Tekna can help your representatives move forward with this process. In the public sector, since you are already covered by this type of agreement, there is no need to demand one.

Contact us about forming a Tekna group

Fredrik Stray-Adelsteen

Advisor group establishment

[email protected] Tel: +4792616882

Feel free to ask me about forming a group!