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Privacy Policy

Modified: June 13 2022

How Tekna processes your personal information

Your personal information is safe with Tekna

Tekna has strict procedures regarding how we process personal information, and we do everything we can to make sure that the data about members and users of our services is collected, stored and used in a secure and responsible manner.

If you’re a member or use our services, you give Tekna access to information about yourself. You can read here about the data we collect, why we do this and what we use it for.

The type of data we collect and why we collect it

We collect and use your personal information for different reasons depending on who you are and how we can get in touch with you.


Cookies (small amounts of saved data) are collected from every user of our website in order to provide a good user experience, create statistics for developing relevant content and target our marketing efforts. Tekna uses Cookie Information as its supplier to provide updated information about cookies and give users of tekna.no the possibility to manage their own cookie settings.

You can also read more about cookies on this link.



We use your contact information, education and workplace to approve your membership application as well as provide benefits and services for all of our members. We need your national identification number (11 digits) to ensure that all of our members receive a tax deduction for paying dues and, in certain cases, distinguish members who have the same name and birthdate. Our actions are based on our membership agreement with you. You can see the information we’ve stored and update it if necessary on www.tekna.no/minside, where you can also enter 1) your professional areas of interest and 2) the type of information you wish to receive from Tekna.

In order for Tekna to develop relevant services for our members, the use/lack of use of certain services is stored in our membership register. These services will change over time; currently, they include Tekna’s salary statistics, CV-builder and career compass. Further details about our privacy policy may be found by logging on to services that have had separate assessments made about how they use member data and assure its anonymity (at present this applies to Tekna’s salary statistics and career compass).

All information about members’ contact with our legal department is stored and processed separately with strictly controlled access that complies with current laws regulating legal firms’ activities.

Personal information is processed in compliance with Tekna’s aims, which are defined in §2 in "Laws and statutes for Tekna". You can read more here about Tekna’s ethnics, laws, statutes and goals.


If you’re not a Tekna member and attend our events, you’ll have to provide your contact information when signing up for them so we can send you event information and, if relevant, an invoice to pay the registration fees.

Professional associations

Tekna has partnered with several other professional associations in order to increase the number and quality of the benefits and services it can offer to Tekna members.  

Tekna provides administrative services for these associations, helping them administrate their membership databases and ongoing operations. Processing these members’ personal information follows the same privacy policy as that for Tekna members.


Presenters, exhibitors and partners

Tekna arranges several courses and events, collaborating with many presenters, exhibitors and partners. We collect and store all necessary contact information in connection with these activities.

Data for testing and quality assurance

In order to provide stable systems and services, Tekna utilizes IT systems and databases for testing and quality assurance purposes; as a result, a high level of security is maintained which ensures that no data is sent to any external parties.  

Releasing personal information to other parties

We don’t release your personal information to other parties unless there is a legal reason to do so. Common examples of this include an agreement made with you or a legal reason that requires us to release this information.

Through our partners, which currently include Gjensidige Forsikring, Handelsbanken and Teknisk Ukeblad, members are offered several benefits.

In order to utilize these benefits, a certain amount of personal information must be provided, mostly to confirm that you have an active Tekna membership. The scope of this information is kept to a minimum and regulated in separate data processing agreements in compliance with current laws and recommendations from the Data Inspectorate. All of our personal information processing takes places within the EU/EEA.

Whenever Tekna books travel on behalf of its members or others, all required personal information will be released to our travel agency Egencia.

Storage and deletions

We store your personal information as long as necessary for the purpose for which this information was gathered. For example, this means that the personal information we process that is based on your consent will be deleted if you withdraw your consent. Any personal information we process in order to fulfill an agreement with you is deleted once this agreement has been fulfilled and all commitments relating to the agreement have been honored.


Information associated with your Tekna membership and/or a professional association are stored as long as you’re a member. When you cancel your membership, we’ll store your data for a certain period of time in case this cancellation was made in error. Personal information may be stored during this time period if 1) consent is given upon cancellation or 2) there is a legal requirement for it as described below.

Financial transactions

Any required information associated with financial transactions, including payment of membership dues, is stored and deleted in accordance with the Accounting Act.  

Adult education

Documentation of education that satisfies requirements for government grants is stored and deleted in accordance with the Adult Education Act.

Legal aid

Information about legal aid is stored for a certain period of time, including after a Tekna membership is cancelled, in accordance with the Bar Code.  

Accident insurance for students

Membership information about students who have had «Tekna theft and accident insurance» included in their membership up to August 2018 is stored for 10 years in order for Gjensidige Forsikring to be able to process any compensation claims made during this time.

Course participants who are non-members

If you attend Tekna’s events as a non-member, your personal information will be deleted once the customer relationship is over. However, further storage can still occur if the participants consent to it. With regard to information on financial transactions and adult education, the same rules apply as those for Tekna members. 

Your rights when we process your personal information

While you’re a member, you have the right to demand transparency and the correction of any element of the personal information we process.

You also have the right to demand deletion, limit processing, object to processing as well as the right to data portability if this is not in conflict with Tekna’s membership terms. You can read more about what these rights include on the Data Inspectorate’s website:  www.datatilsynet.no

In order to exercise your rights, contact us in writing, and we’ll answer your inquiry as soon as possible within 30 days of receiving it.

You may at any time change your consent with respect to our processing of your personal information. The easiest way to do this is to log on to www.tekna.no/minside


If any changes are made regarding our services or in the rules applying to the processing of personal information, it can cause revisions to be made to the information provided for you here. Updated information may be easily accessed on our website.

Responsibility and privacy ombudsman

Tekna – The Norwegian Society for Graduate and Scientific Professionals/Secretary-General Line Henriette Holten has the overall responsibility for processing members’ private information.

Tekna’s contact information is the following:
Mailing address: Postboks 2312 Solli, 0201 Oslo
Office address: Dronning Mauds gate 15, Oslo
E-mail: [email protected]
Telephone: (+47) 22 94 75 00
Org. nr.: 971 420 782

Tekna has appointed a privacy ombudsman to ensure that the processing of personal information takes place in compliance with all current laws and regulations. The privacy ombudsman is also a resource person for our users; if you have input or questions relating to how we process personal information, please contact the ombudsman by sending an e-mail to: [email protected]


If you’ve been in contact with Tekna yet still think that our processing of personal information does not correspond with our privacy policy, or that we are violating privacy laws in other ways, you may submit a complaint to the Data Inspectorate.  


If changes are made to the manner in which Tekna processes personal information, these will be published in an updated version of this privacy policy. We’ll contact you by e-mail if these changes are significant.