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Tekna Railway

This is a network for members involved in railway technical issues and/or the social significance of the railway as part of the national transport system.


Join the network

Membership is both cost-free and commitment-free and is offered exclusively to Tekna members. Send a text to 2007 using the code word RAILWAY to become a member.

More about the network

The Tekna Railway activities are organized by a board in collaboration with Tekna's administration.

Although the network covers the entire country, most of its activities take place in the Oslo area.

We organize study tours, evening seminars and major conferences, either for ourselves or with other railway enthusiasts.

The network contributes to Tekna's professional recommendations on the transport sector in general and railway in particular. We listen to our members’ feedback on relevant topics and what they want to hear more about.

There is a lot going on in the railway sector. Consequently, the network is growing as the industry needs a politically neutral forum where discussion of professional challenges, thoughts and topics is encouraged.