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Tahir Raheel Bin
Tahir Raheel Bin is originally from Pakistan and has been living in Norway since 2017. He joined Tekna to better understand the Norwegian system, which has been both reassuring and educational.

Advice and Tips

“If you make use of all the benefits, it’s almost free.”

Published: Oct. 12 2023

Project Engineer Tahir Raheel Bin wanted to learn more about the Norwegian labour market. In Tekna, he found a professional community and many other benefits.

"There are many advantages to being a member, and if you make use of all the discounts and benefits, it’s almost free," says Tahir Raheel Bin.

He’s a Project Engineer at Vianode, which produces graphite products. Originally, he’s from Pakistan but has a master’s degree from Germany and has been living in Oslo since 2017.

As a new employee in Norway, it was important for Raheel to join a trade union, and as an engineer, Tekna was the obvious choice.

"Tekna has great terms for their members and very capable union representatives who are excellent guides. This provided me with plenty of reasons to become a member of Tekna."

However, when he started working at Vianode, the company had no local Tekna branch.

"Several of us had engineering degrees, but there was no already established local branch. Since some of us already were Tekna members, we decided to organise ourselves," he explains.

New insights

The local branch was established in early 2022, and Raheel wanted to learn more about The Norwegian Model and how it works.

"I wanted to learn more, since it was new to me. In addition, I saw the value of having a local branch."

The Project Engineer encourages everyone to join a trade union and emphasizes that, as a Tekna member, you get excellent offers on insurance and various other benefits.

"You gain more insight into the place you work, and you learn how employers work with the trade unions, as well as how this system benefits both parties. It’s great to be a part of it," he concludes.

Great courses and programmes

Tekna member and elected representative Francis Suson Cagatin is originally from the Philippines but has been living in Stavanger for eleven years. He works as a Software Engineer in oil drilling at NOV Wellbore Technologies Norway LLC.

Francis Suson Cagatin
Francis Suson Cagatin is originally from the Philippines but has been living in Stavanger for the past eleven years. He has made many new contacts through Tekna.

Since many of his colleagues were members of Tekna, Francis chose to become a member as well. He hasn’t regretted it.

Through Tekna, he has become better acquainted with both his colleagues and his working environment. He’s especially pleased with all the professional courses they’re offering.

"Tekna offers courses and programmes that everyone should take advantage of. There are many opportunities to learn,” Francis says.

"But you must make the effort yourself. It’s not a free lunch."

Read more about member benefits in Tekna.

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