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Rød buss i rushen i Oslo

Working in Norway

Are you working in Norway…or wanting to work in Norway?

Modified: Dec. 13 2022 Streaming

FREE SEMINAR: What characterizes working life in Norway, and how can you understand Norwegians and their work culture? How can you go about getting a job here?

Are you a student, foreign-born worker or refugee seeking information about Norwegian working life?

If you’re new to the country and working here (or looking for work), this seminar can help you to better understand "The Norwegian Model" and your rights with regard to it.


  • Working in Norway.
    How does The Norwegian Model work, and why are unions so important here?
  • How to be temporarily employed – How is it different from other types of employment? What are my rights? Can I negotiate my salary?
    Tekna attorney Alexander Iversen will tell you what you need to know about working in Norway.
  • Career possibilities
    Foreign-born worker/Former Tekna staff member Karin Lee will tell you about how to go after job opportunities in Norway.

Find more about a career in Norway, including rules and regulations.

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