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Get started with your membership in Tekna

Have you started using your membership benefits in Tekna? Here you will find an alphabetical list of offers and services, where to contact, and what you can do yourself on my profile.


You can control which emails you receive from us on My Profile. You log in with the email address you have registered with us as your username. Several of our services, such as viewing salary statistics or using the CV builder, also require login.


If you have questions, you can chat with us here on tekna.no, use the contact form at the bottom of the page, send an email to [email protected] or call us at 22 94 75 00.

Explore the alphabetical list:

We are confident that our agreement over time offers one of the best deals on several different mortgage products. The very best mortgage interest rate is available to those under 34 years of age, and you can borrow up to 85% of the value of your home. 

Great terms on your home loan are followed by a web and mobile bank where you easily solve your ongoing banking tasks. The agreement gives you, among other things:

  • Apple Pay and Samsung Pay
  • Debit card and all the accounts you need for 295 kroner per year
  • Possibility for credit cards without annual fees, and with free lounge access
  • Lower fees and higher deposit rates

Read more about the bank agreement.

Members receive a 4% discount on electric cars and 8% on other models at BMW. The discount applies to both purchases and leasing. If you wish to use the agreement, you must document that you have a valid Tekna membership.

Contact our service center at [email protected] - we will help you with a membership certificate.

Read more about the car agreement

What: The collective agreement gives our members the right to participate in discussions of key questions concerning conditions of employment and the right to negotiate salaries. Without a collective agreement, decisions on these matters can be adopted unilaterally by the employer. Tekna work includes negotiating collective agreements, resolving pay issues, understanding of contracts of employment and influencing the framework conditions around conditions of employment.

How: See the contents of the various collective agreements here

What: Our skilled legal team will be happy to read through your contract of employment before you sign it. Questions concerning contracts of employment will be answered within one or two working days.

How: Send your contract of employment to [email protected]. Find out more about our advisory services on legal issues

What: Don’t lag behind in your professional development, keep your knowledge topped up and meet fellow members of your profession. Tekna is a major organiser of courses and conferences and as a member you will, of course, be eligible for discounts on course and conference fees.

How: See a list of/sign up for the most popular courses and conferences here.

What: As a Tekna member, you get very good insurance prices from Gjensidige, among the lowest mortgage rates in the market through our bank agreement and a very favorable pension agreement with Kron. You also get discounts on cars with our agreement with BMW. 

How: Read more about these offers under Insurance, Bank, Car Agreement and Pension in this A-Z list.

What: Insurers Gjensidige Forsikring have been our partners for many years, and more than 80 per cent of our members take advantage of the benefits offered by the partnership.

Our personal insurance products are the best aspect of the partnership with Gjensidige. Check out how to protect yourself and the people you care for with as Tekna Uføreforsikring Plus disability insurance and Tekna Livsforsikring life assurance.

The conditions and cost of motor vehicle, contents and travel insurance are also worth checking out. Changing your insurer is a straightforward process, so you could save a lot of money, in a short space of time.

Remember too that Gjensidige pays out dividends to its customers, which you need to factor into your calculations.

How: Find out more about the special deals for members on Tekna’s page on the Gjensidige Forsikring website. If you are under 30 years of age you will find some very attractive offers here. If you are a Gjensidige customer when you join Tekna the Tekna discounts will be deducted automatically.

What: To make sure that you don’t miss out on anything relevant check the boxes next to your professional interests and manage your consent on My Profile.

How: On My Profile and Interests specify the disciplines that you wish to receive e-mails about. To decline all offers of courses, or to stop the newsletter and invitations to courses from your local Tekna branch, go to My Profile and Consents (“Samtykker” in Norwegian).

What: if you have agreed to accept invoices in the form of e-invoices directly to your online bank account our invoices will be sent directly to your online account. If in addition you have signed up for invoices in the VIPPS mobile payment app our invoices will appear in the app.

If you want direct debits (avtalefaktura) you can set it up on our website. 

How: Set up direct debit (avtalefaktura) payment here.

What: Looking for a new job? We can help you with your CV, application and LinkedIn profile. Furthermore, the job-seeker portal contains a wealth of tips on preparing for and attending the job interview.

How: Our CV builder incorporate a built-in advice and tips. Submit your CV and application via the CV builder or to [email protected] and one of our advisers will review them and offer advice. You will receive a reply within two weeks.

We have compiled a series of useful tips on applying for jobs here.

What: Tekna’s experienced legal team will provide advice on salaries, contracts of employment, restructurings, layoffs, terminations, sick leave, pension questions, intellectual property rights. This help is free and available only to members. Advice, tips and guidance are available from day one. To be eligible for more extensive legal advice you need to have been a member for at least six months.

As a member, you can also receive help on private law issues within areas such as family law, inheritance law, sale of goods law, housing law, etc.

How: Find out more about the legal advice available to members here. Contact the helpline on 22 94 75 00 Mondays to Fridays between 9-15 or send an e-mail to [email protected]. Questions concerning private law matters should be sent to [email protected].

What: As a member of Tekna, you will also receive free advice and assistance on matters of private law, such as cohabitation contracts, relationship break-ups, inheritance and probate, housing law (rental, purchase), consumer purchases, etc.

How: Send an e-mail to [email protected]. Read more about legal advisory services here.

What: Tekna’s head office is located in Oslo, but we have 31 local Tekna branches throughout Norway that organise Tekna activities near where you live. You will find your local Tekna branch on My Profile. You have the right to attend and vote at the annual meeting of your local Tekna branch.

How: See an overview of events and meetings at the local branch that you belong to; you will find your branch on My Profile.

What: Many Tekna members are managers. If you find yourself in a dual role in connection with negotiations, you can withdraw from the workplace group but continue to take advantage of all the other membership benefits that Tekna offers.

How: See our special offers for managers here. If you wish to withdraw from the Tekna group at your place of work notify the head of the group – see My Profile and the menu item “Tekna at my place of work” (“Tekna på min arbeidsplass” in Norwegian).

What: Many Tekna members are entrepreneurs. You will be eligible for an entrepreneur reduction of your membership fee in the first two years after you start your business if you earn less than a 50 per cent salary in a position elsewhere.

How: Apply for a discount here.

What: Every month we send all our members a newsletter by e-mail in which we keep you informed of political issues and activities within the association.

How: The newsletter is sent to the e-mail address you registered with us approximately once a month.

What: You may occasionally need to quote your membership number. You will find your membership number on My Profile.

How: See My Profile

As a Tekna member, you only pay 378 kr per month for free data with Chili mobil. You can order for someone other than yourself.

Read more at https://www.chilimobil.no/tekna/

What: Get to know My Profile! This is where you update your contact details, place of work and professional status. This information needs to be correct in order for you to get the maximum benefit out of your membership in connection with salary negotiations and for us to be able to calculate the right membership fee for you. On My Page you will find the form for applying for a membership fee discount, changing your Teknisk Ukeblad subscription, searching for other members, signing up for professional networks and registering your professional interests and the e-mail newsletters you wish to receive. My Profile is also where you manage your consent (“samtykker” in Norwegian).

How: View all content on My Profile. Log in using the e-mail address that you registered with us as your username. If you are logging in for the first time, choose a password by clicking on Forgot my password/Activate user.

What: Lower management fees increase the pension you receive – by a substantial amount. The management fees that our partner Kron charges are amongst the lowest in the market.

How: Read about Kron’s products and sign an agreement here.

What: Tekna produces podcasts on a wide range of topics that will be useful for you as an employee and for students who will embark on a professional career when they complete their studies, including tips on contracts of employment, salary reviews, etc.

How: Go to the podcasts

What: Tekna works actively through the media and lobbies government, the Storting and other organisations to promote our political views. Our opinions are laid down in the association’s policy documents. As a trade union, Tekna is not affiliated to any political party.

How: Read more about Tekna’s policy documents, input in consultation processes and reports here.

What: As a Tekna member you get two organisations in one: we are both a trade union and a professional association. We have a wide range of professional networks that host meetings and debates. Why not take part or contribute to the meeting yourself?

How: See an overview of Tekna’s professional networks here. To join a network, place a tick in the appropriate box on My Profile. It goes without saying that as a member this will cost you nothing.

What: Do you know a colleague who you think would benefit from joining Tekna? Send an enrolment proposal recommendation via our recruitment page. You will receive a prize for each new member you recruit – to see the prize, go to the recruitment page. Don’t forget that the person you recruit must be studying for a Master’s in a technical or scientific discipline.

How: Recruit a colleague here.

What: If you have been laid off or are unemployed you may be eligible for a membership fee exemption for the duration of the layoff or period of unemployment. The same applies to members on compassionate leave or serving national service. Married/cohabiting members are both eligible for a 25 per cent discount on the membership fee. Retired persons, doctoral students, the disabled and entrepreneurs may also be eligible for discounts.

How: See the overview of membership fee discounts here. To secure a discount you need to submit the form.

What: If you are employed in a workplace where Tekna has a workplace group (Tekna group) you will automatically be enrolled in this group if you are a member of Tekna. The Tekna group will help to safeguard your rights, influence and satisfactory conditions. If there is a Tekna group at your workplace you can demand a collective agreement with the company. The collective agreement will give you the right to take part in discussions on key issues relating to working conditions and the right to negotiate pay. Without a collective agreement the enterprise can decide these matters unilaterally.

Furthermore, as a member you also have access to Tekna’s salary statistics – the best tool for comparisons for holders of Master’s degrees in STEM subjects.

How: Read more about salaries and pay negotiations here and find your union representative on My Profile.

What: As a member of Tekna, you have access to Tekna’s salary statistics – the best tool for comparison of salaries for holders of Master’s degrees and the ideal tool to take with you into your salary review. Regardless of whether your contract of employment provides for an annual salary review you can request a review. The members pages contain a wealth of useful tips on how to proceed during the salary review. Our legal team can answer questions and offer advice on salaries.

How: See Tekna’s salary statistics for members here. Listen to our podcast on the salary review. This article on mistakes to avoid during the salary review is also useful. For advice on pay, contact [email protected] or call 22 94 75 00 between 9-15 on weekdays.

NB If there are three or more members at your place of work you can establish a Tekna group. Find out more about how to proceed here.

What: Every autumn Tekna conducts a salary survey of all members in active employment and compiles statistics on the basis of the collected data. The statistics are published on tekna.no in early December every year and form an important tool in the salary negotiations conducted in the following spring. The salary statistics will also constitute your most important tool when you come to negotiate your individual pay.

How: see Tekna’s salary statistics for members here

What: Tekna has a dedicated network for self-employed members: Tekna Egen Bedrift (Tekna Self Employed in English). We offer a mentoring scheme, legal advice, special insurance and banking services. A tip: to make sure that you don’t miss out on relevant information and offers we recommend that you register as a self-employed business on My Profile/Tekna at my place of work.

How: see the overview of professional networks and join Tekna Egen bedrift on My Profile under the menu item My Interests and Networks (“Mine interesser og nettverk” in Norwegian). Update your job description to “Self-employed” (“Selvstendig næringsdrivende” in Norwegian) under the menu item Tekna at my place of work (Tekna på min arbeidsplass in Norwegian). Find out more about Tekna Egen bedrift here.

What: If you are employed in a workplace where Tekna has a workplace group (Tekna group) you will automatically be enrolled in this group if you are a member of Tekna. The Tekna group will help to safeguard your rights, influence and satisfactory conditions. If there is a Tekna group at your workplace you can demand a collective agreement with the company. The collective agreement will give you the right to take part in discussions on key issues relating to working conditions and the right to negotiate pay. Without a collective agreement the enterprise can decide these matters unilaterally. If there are three or more members at your place of work, you can establish a Tekna group. A union representative will then be elected to represent the interests of the members.

How: Read more about workplace groups and how they are established here. Do you have a Tekna group at your place of work? Find your union representative on My Profile.

What: Tekna Magasinet contains a wide range of interesting material on members, on technology, on various industries and disciplines and on politics.

How:  https://teknamagasinet.no/

What: Tekna Ung (Tekna young in English) is part of the offerings of the local Tekna branch. Tekna Ung organises events for members aged under 38.

How: Look for Tekna Ung events organised by your local Tekna branch here.

What: As a member, you can order a subscription to the paper edition of Teknisk Ukeblad on My profile.

How: Log in to My profile with your username (the email address you registered your membership with) and password (if you have forgotten it, just set a new password). You will find the TU-start button on My membership.

If you prefer the electronic edition of TU, follow this link: https://eblad.tu.no/

As a Tekna member, you always get 50% discount on TU Extra. Read more about the discount here.

What: The helpline on 22 94 75 00 is open Monday to Friday between 9-15. If you have a question about your contract of employment you will usually receive a reply during the course of a day or so. You can also ask for advice and guidance on your salary, restructurings, holidays, pensions and other matters.

How: Call 22 94 75 00 between 9-15 Monday to Friday.

What: Check how your salary is progressing using Tekna’s salary calculator, which is based on Tekna’s salary statistics.

How: Check out our salary calculator here.

What: You and the other Tekna members at your place of work are represented by one or more union representatives, colleagues who represents you in local, collective pay negotiations, amongst other matters. The union representative may also raise issues with the management of the company on behalf of individual members and contribute by collaborating, providing information, participating in discussions and negotiations with management. The union representative will also ensure that the terms of the collective agreement between Tekna and the employers’ organisations are fulfilled.

How: log in to My Profile to find your union representative. Would you like to be a union representative? Find out more about the role of the union representative and training as a union representative here.

Some workplaces do not have a Tekna-group with representatives. You will still have the salary statistics and the same access to legal counselling. Read about frequently asked questions about salary and negotiation and other essential topics here. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to [email protected].

What: Do you want to contribute? Do you have suggestions or ideas for events for you local Tekna branch or do you want to start a Tekna group at your workplace? (There need to be at least three Tekna members). Would you be prepared to be a union representative?

How: Find out more about the role of the union representative and how to become a union rep here.