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Tekna's salary statistics

Tekna’s salary statistics is your best tool for evaluating and negotiating your annual salary.


Our statistic is produced every year based on the salary survey among Tekna’s 105,000 members, all of them with a Master’s degree or higher in technical-scientific subjects.


What factors influence your salary level?

In addition to when you graduated, or in other words how much seniority you have in the labor market, there are other factors that help establish what your salary will be. These might be individual qualifications, your level of responsibility in your current job, your efforts and the results you achieve. There may also be local factors that determine salary levels. Please contact your on-site Tekna representative to get more information about the factors that regulate salary levels at your workplace.

Salary development divided by sector

Your salary development often depends on your employment sector. The private sector has higher salary levels than the government and municipal sectors. You can see salary developments in these sectors by using the statistics selector. The graph measures growth in the average salary from one year to the next in the private, government and municipal sectors.

Salary development divided by industry

We have several members in the private sector, which traditionally pays high-level salaries. As a result, there can be large variations in salary levels in this sector. It’s also important to point out that some industries are very affected by changes in the economy; as a result, salaries may vary a lot from year to year. While these variations aren’t as great in the government and municipal sectors, where you live can also affect your salary level. Cities that have a high cost of living and competition for workers may have higher salary levels.

This is what we measure in Tekna’s salary statistics

Agreed annual salary (monthly salary x 12) per 1 October, including the value of any bonus, performance pay, commission, etc. that have been paid over the past 12 months. Any monetary supplement paid in the government sector is also included.

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