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Illustrasjonsbilde av en ung kvinne stående i et kontor
The starting salary tends to set the pace for your further salary development.


Tekna’s salary recommendations: This is what your starting salary should be in 2024

Modified: Dec. 21 2023

Are you a recent graduate and about to negotiate your first salary? This is what you should ask for according to Tekna’s recommendations on starting salaries for 2024.

The starting salary in your first job after getting your degree might be the most difficult to negotiate during your entire career. This is because you don’t have a lot of work experience to use as a bargaining chip. For many graduates the most important thing is to just get their foot in the door of the labor market. And a lot of them don’t know what kind of salary they can request of a new employer, either.

It is important to enter the labor market on the right starting salary. So in order to get you off to a good start on your career, Tekna prepares annual salary recommendations for you and other recent graduates who want to work in the private sector.

Marianne Gran Juriks
Marianne Gran Juriks, Tekna’s Director for working life and law


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