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Dues and Discounts

As an employed, regular member the membership dues for 2024 are NOK 4,980 in addition to dues paid to your local branch ranging from NOK 144 to 300 (same as in 2023). As a new member you start paying from the month you become a member. 

Student Membership dues: NOK 300 per year.

Tax allowance for trade union dues

The tax allowance for the 2024 financial year has a maximum rate of NOK 8,000. Tekna reports to the tax authorities how much you have paid in dues each year.

Recent graduates

  • First year after graduation 25 % membership dues NOK 1,215 + 25 % local branch dues

  • Second year after graduation 50 % membership dues NOK 2,430 + 50 % local branch dues

  • Third year after graduation 75 % membership dues NOK 3,645 + 75 % local branch dues

  • Fourth year after graduation full membership dues

The discount will be applied automatically for those who recently completed a Master's degree that qualifies for ordinary membership.

If you have continued studying directly after you have completed your master’s degree, (i.e. a new bachelor’s or master’s degree) you can apply for a student discount, as long as you are employed less than 50 %. Please send documentation of your student status to apply for this discount.

PhD candidate

If you are pursuing a PhD we can offer a 75 % discount for up to 4 years. 

Discounts for unemployed members

Members that have lost their job and don't recieve compensation from their employer, can apply for a full exception from the membership fee. For longer periods of unemployement, we may require documentation.

Other discounts in membership dues

  • Continued studies outside of steady employment give a reduction of 75 % for up to 4 years.
  • If a member's spouse or partner is also a member of Tekna, the membership fee for both individuals is 75 % of the ordinary rate.
  • Pensioners ages 62 and over with an income from employment and self-employment of less than 1G (the national insurance basic amount) pay 25 % of the ordinary membership dues plus a corresponding proportion of the dues payable to their local branch.
  • Disabled members pay a percentage of regular membership dues depending on their degree of disability. We require a copy of documentation from NAV.
  • If a member is residing outside of Norway, he/she pays 50 % of regular membership dues/no dues to his/her local branch.

Are you already a member and entitled to a discount?

Inform us of any changes and apply for a discount.

Full exemption from membership dues

  • Members in active military service
  • Members on maternity/paternity leave if their salary is less than 2/3 of their ordinary salary level

To apply for exemption or discounts please contact us by e-mail: [email protected] or telephone 22 94 75 00.

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