Who is eligible for membership?

Professionals holding a Master’s degree (or the equivalent thereof) in which science or technology disciplines comprise a main component are eligible for membership in Tekna.

Tekna – The Norwegian Society of Graduate Technical and Scientific Professionals is Norway’s largest society of professionals holding a Master’s degree (or the equivalent thereof) in a field of science or technology. Eligibility for membership is based purely on your qualifications, and not on where you work or what you do.

If the educational institution at which you received your Master’s degree is in Norway or is registered in the database for foreign educational institutions compiled by the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education, see www.nokut.no, no further documentation need be submitted.

In the event that you received your qualifications from other educational institutions, please submit documentation in the form of your diploma and a description of the content and duration of your course of academic study.

If you hold other qualifications equivalent to a Master’s degree, work in a science or technology post and have acquired relevant experience in the field through your work, you may also be eligible for membership. Special Consideration Application (PDF).

The Admissions Council will meet four times in 2019. Deadlines for applying: 

  • January 7th 2019
  • April 28th 2019
  • August 12th 2019 – to be reviewed in September
  • October 24th 2019 – to be reviewed in November

Apply for standard membership

Modified date: Wednesday, April 24, 2019