Salary and Negotiations

Tekna helps members receive an appropriate salary level by providing them with the information and arguments they need during salary negotiations with their employer. Additionally, Tekna has agreements on salary and working conditions with both the public (local and central) and private sectors. 

Local elected representatives

Tekna has elected representatives at more than 900 organizations in the public and private sectors. Having agreements with the individual organization enables these elected representatives to influence the members' employment rights and working conditions. Representatives in the private sector have a contractual right of workplace co-determination and the right to negotiate salary terms on behalf of members.

Private sector

In a private-sector company, you will need to sign up at your local group after joining Tekna.

Public sector

In the public sector, all members are automatically covered by collective agreements giving them the right of co-determination and representation in local salary negotiations. In negotiations with local and central governmental sectors, Tekna is represented by by Akademikerne (The Federation of Norwegian Professional Associations).

For members without a local elected representative, assistance is available from Tekna's legal staff.

Salary statistics

Tekna’s annual salary statistics provide the best basis for a member to assess his/her salary level. Please contact Tekna's secretariat or the head of your local Tekna-group if you have any question about how to apply the salary statistics. Our staff have detailed information on issues that are relevant to your situation. Tekna also prepares an annual entry level salary recommendation for graduates.

Employment contract

An employment contract defines the rights and obligations of both employee and employer.

Tekna’s legal services staff will review your employment contract for you to ensure that it includes every point that needs to be covered. Remember to contact us before signing! Send your employment contract to Tekna’s legal department at: [email protected]

Financial support

Members are eligible for financial assistance from the support fund during lawful industrial actions as well as for emergency financial assistance in connection with changes in their employment situation. Recently qualified members who have not yet found employment may be eligible for an education grant. Tekna provides interest-free pay advances from the Wage Guarantee Scheme if a bankruptcy results in salary non-payment to Tekna members.

Modified date: Wednesday, November 30, 2022