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Topic: Management

Help for self-employed Tekna members

Modified: Feb. 21 2022

Tekna provides insurance and banking services, legal advice, a mentor program, professional networks and courses for you as a business owner.

Become a member of Tekna Self-Employed

You can join this professional network by texting the code word EGENBEDRIFT to 2007.

Mentor program

Tekna Self-Employed has started a mentor program for members where you can meet a fellow Tekna member who has a lot of experience from starting and running their own company. You’ll get practical, hands-on advice from your mentor. If you’re interested, please contact our head office, and we’ll put you in touch with someone. Our mentors volunteer their services (and there’s no charge to you as a Tekna member). They also have their own business to run, so you’ll have to agree on how best to set up your meetings in a way that works for both of you.
Tekna’s mentor program contact: Ali Ahmed.

Local networks in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim

Gründergruppe in Oslo
Gründergruppen - Tekna Self-Employed arranges meetings and courses for members living in Oslo. The group’s aim is to help individuals start up new businesses each year. You’ll find upcoming events posted on Tekna Oslo region’s website.
Contact: Marthe Waage

Tekna Self-Employed in Trondheim
 runs similar activities for members in and around Trondheim. You’ll find upcoming events posted on Tekna Trondheim region’s website.
Contact: Ingvild M. Hansen.

Contact Bergen: Ellen Hauge

Contact Stavanger: Ilse Ros

Legal advice

You can get legal advice through Tekna to help you start up and run your own company.

Contact: Ali Ahmed with your legal questions.

Miniforetak: Updates on rules, opportunities and traps

Our Miniforetak agreement gives you as a Tekna member a 15% discount on a pluss membership. Miniforetak offers practical knowledge and updates about the most important developments that impact small businesses. Our continually optimalized information is supplied in collaboration with pluss members.

Business insurance

Gjensidige gives you a general discount of 16% if you sign up for one or two business insurance policies, and a 20% discount if you sign three or more policies. In addition to this contractual discount, you’ll receive the following discounts: Company car: 5%, Liability: 30%, Work-related injury: 30%, Collective accident: 20%, Sick leave: 15%, Sickness benefits: 15%, Business trip: 20% and Therapy: 15%.

Read more about the agreement: Gjensidige.no

Bank and financing

Tekna offers banking services for you with your own business through Handelsbanken. Your private and business economy are closely linked. Handelsbanken can help you find the best solutions for you, all things considered. They also have industry specialists who can help you with your plans!

Read more about the offer at Handelsbanken.

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