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Teknisk Ukeblad (Technical Weekly Review)

As a Tekna member you receive a free subscription to Teknisk Ukeblad (Technical Weekly Review), which contains articles on current research and technology as well as other topics of professional interest. TU also publishes available job postings. Please contact Tekna to start/stop delivery of the magazine's print version and inform us should you change your mailing address.

Magasinet Tekna

Online magazine that focuses on Tekna members careers and industries.

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Tekna’s membership list

Tekna publishes a membership list which is made available only to Tekna members, providing them with a useful way to locate friends and colleagues. The following information appears here: member name, local chapter, employer, year of graduation and college of university. Please refer to “Søk medlem” after logging in.

Modified date: Wednesday, November 30, 2022