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You can have your dues automatically paid by your bank by creating automatic payment agreements - Autogiro and efaktura. You have to use an online banking system from a Norwegian bank.

What are the differences between Avtalegiro (direct debit) and eFaktura (eInvoice)?

The main differnces between an "Avtalegiro" a "eFaktura" is that Avtalegiro will automatically be withdrawn from your bank account on due date while eFaktura has to be approved in your online bank.

Other differences

  • eFaktura is viewed in your online bank along with payment details. Avtalegiro will just be withdrawn on due date.
  • eFaktura gives you the opportunity tho change both amount paid and due date.
  • You need an online bank to use eFaktura while Avtalegiro can be used by anyone with a Norwegian ban account.
  • eFaktura is connected to you as a person not your bank.

AvtaleGiro with eFaktura

  • You need not register the payment or think about the due date
  • The bank ensures that your bills are paid automatically and on time
  • You can change both the due date, the amount and the account to be debited, and also cancel the direct debit
  • You can view the bills in the Internet bank at all times and print them as needed

It might take up to 4 weeks until this is active in your bank. If you in the meantime receive an invoice from us, it must be paid to avoid receiving a payment reminder. The automatic payment will be used from the next payment term.

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