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NEWS: The industry is evolving, with advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, digital twins, and the increased use of data for flow measurements becoming more prevalent.


5 reasons to attend the Global Flow Measurement Workshop

Publisert: 16. aug. 2023

Networking, field experience and cutting-edge technologies: These are some of the reasons why you should consider going to Tønsberg this October.

"Flow measurement is an industry that's constantly evolving," Kjell Eivind Frøysa says.

With over 30 years of experience in flow measurement, spanning both academia and industry, he is now the Chairman of the upcoming Global Flow Measurement Workshop.

The Global Flow Measurement Workshop is the world's most prominent conference addressing flow measurement within oil and gas and renewable energy sources:

"Typically, we see delegates from 20 to 30 nations worldwide”, Frøysa ads.

This includes participants from prominent energy companies, academics, vendors and other industry professionals, giving insight into cutting-edge technologies, field experience and research.

Interested in learning more? Sign up for the Global Flow Measurement Workshop here!

Interesting challenges with even more interesting solutions

Energy shortage in Europe and the climate challenges, new regulations and new technologies; these are some of the major factors prompting the stakeholders in flow measurement to continually rethink and innovate.

“The market of fluid flow of oil, natural gas, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and other fuels challenges the industry and makes flow measurement even more important. At the same time new energy sources are introduced. It is important to still focus on traditional oil and gas production and distribution for many years to go”, Frøysa ads.

“These are interesting challenges that give the industry even more interesting insight and innovative solutions”.

Here are five reasons why you should attend:

1. Learn from real experiences

"We've put extra emphasis on the experiences and challenges faced by customers and end-users of flow measurement technologies," Frøysa states.

The workshop offers a unique opportunity to learn directly from energy companies like Equinor, Total, Kuwait Oil, and Petrobras.

By listening to field experiences from the operators, as well as vendors and governmental bodies, you can gain valuable insights into real-world applications and challenges.

2. A unique industry-government partnership

The Norwegian government and the energy industry have a long history of cooperation.

A dedicated session will explore the newly enforced Norwegian Measurement Regulations, offering insights into the collaborative process behind its creation and the benefits it brings to the sector.

“There is a revolution in Norway right now. Everybody in the business is talking about the new regulations. At this session, we will have a paper from the Norwegian Petroleum Directory, and a paper from Equinor giving their end-user perspective. As well as a third talk from the British government, giving insight into British regulations,” Frøysa comments.

The regulations are based on best practices from the industry, ensuring accurate measurements and fair dealings. Frøysa emphasizes:

"We want to convey how the authorities and the industry collaborate for the best results."

3. Networking opportunities

One key advantage of the workshop is its function as a melting pot for various stakeholders.

Attendees can engage in discussions with others in both formal and informal settings, fostering a deeper understanding of different perspectives.

"The event allows for new initiatives to emerge, and for potential partnerships and collaborations," Frøysa notes.

4. Cutting-edge technology

The industry is evolving, with advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, digital twins, and the increased use of data for flow measurements becoming more prevalent.

The workshop presents the chance to stay at the forefront of these developments, focusing on topics such as virtual flow measurement and the maintenance of measurement equipment.

There is a rising focus on environmental sustainability in flow measurement. As the industry diversifies into hydrogen and carbon capture, precise measurements are crucial when venturing into new territory.

5. Vendor sessions

Alongside traditional sessions, the workshop will feature vendor sessions, where suppliers present their latest technology and products in detail, as well as presentations spotlighting new measurement techniques.

If you're seeking insights into end-user’s perspectives, exploring successful industry-government collaborations, networking with top industry leaders, or staying updated on technological advancements, you should consider giving Tønsberg a visit the last week of October.

Read more or simply sign up for the Global Flow Measurement Workshop here!

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