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  1. XXVth Nordic Concrete Federation Symposium 2025

    47464 XXVth Nordic Concrete Federation Symposium 2025 Nordic Concrete Federation (NCF) welcomes ... production, construction, use/application and sustainability. The XXVth Nordic Concrete Federation Symposium

    Conference Aug. 19–22 2025
  2. Blue-green infrastructure – Smart and Sustainable

    ...infrastructure: smart and sustainable blue-green,green roofs,infrastructure,smart,sustainability,video, Working ... and why is it important? Learn about smart and sustainable infrastructure. Is it really possible in a Nordic...

    Article Working in Norway Mar. 25 2019 Streaming
  3. Plugging and abandonment of oil wells - current trends and new perspectives

    ...plugging and abandonment. We will also explore sustainability in design and usage of digitalization and AI ... Trends, Sustainability, digitalization, and autonomous operation Mohamed Rottab, Sustainability manager...

    Article Tema: Energi Feb. 29 2024 Streaming
  4. Sprayed Concrete 2024

    45186 Sprayed Concrete 2024 Welcome to the 9th International Symposium on Sprayed Concrete ... well. Today the focus is on United Nation’s Sustainable Goals. Concrete, being the most used construction

    Conference June 17–20
  5. Wants to be Europe’s biggest battery recycling company

    ...explains Lars Kvadsheim, Director of HR and Sustainability in battery company Freyr (see the graph below): ... green investments in Norway. Director of HR and Sustainability, Lars Kvadsheim, believes that it’s still possible...

    Article Tekna Magasinet Oct. 16 2023
  6. Check out Tekna’s new online store

    ...business! Aktuelt You can buy practical and sustainable clothes and equipment in our brand new design ... Tekna we care about sustainability, and our online store offers durable, sustainable and environmentally...

    Article Aktuelt Mar. 3 2021
  7. Bank

    ...at Handelsbanken? Is Handelsbanken good at sustainability? Will Handelsbanken offer Google Pay and Samsung ... conditions corporate swedish solution customer sustainability apps Mortgage We are confident that our agreement...

  8. International Congress: United for a just future

    ...environment. This also affects working life. Securing sustainable, secure, and decent employment in a changing ... union power, confronting global capital and sustainable industrial policies. Tekna's participation in...

    Article Aktuelt Sept. 24 2021
  9. AI in game development

    LIVE on the 5.th of December 2023 at 5 PM Tekna Big Data Video: AI in game development ... projects is reaching the administrative limits of sustainable human effort, how shall the games industry better...

    Article Tema: IKT Dec. 8 2023 Streaming
  10. Here’s how Tekna can help you at your next salary negotiation

    Tekna members according to sector Per 1 January 2023 Private: 56,257 members State: 9,861 members ... becoming a world leader in digitalization and sustainability, salary has to be actively used as a way of...

    Article Råd og tips May 3 2023
  11. The circular economy: Biomaterials and biorefining

    ...biorefineries or using bioprocessing to create biobased sustainable products and solutions. We present this growing ... salmon is linked to feed. The need for more sustainable food production at sea and on land opens up new...

    Article Tema: Bio- og klima Sept. 26 2022 Streaming
  12. Newsletter October 2017

    " says Saugestad. Sustainability as a culture Storebrand has worked with sustainable investments for 20 ... not to invest in. Today, our approach to what sustainability means is far more pro-active and we now focus...

    Article Oct. 3 2017
  13. Digital spare parts supply in the energy sector

    Sourcing spare parts digitally holds the potential of reducing total cost of ownership and ecological ... benefits are many – reduced cost, improved sustainability, improved supply resilience and a possibility...

    Article Energibloggen Sept. 15 2021 Streaming
  14. Important political breakthroughs made in spring 2021

    ...including the workplace, competency, technology and sustainability, says outgoing Tekna president Lise Lyngsnes ... IndustriALL, helping to make digitalization and sustainability major topics included in the strategic plan...

    Article Politisk June 21 2021
  15. Tekna Aquaculture

    ...industry as a result of having developed new and sustainable technology. If we make good use of expertise ... field faces, making the industry as a whole more sustainable in the future. What we do and believe: Tekna...

  16. Lars Olav Grøvik elected as Tekna’s new president

    Lars Olav Grøvik was elected as Tekna’s new president at the union’s national ‘R-meeting’ ... needs. In addition we’ll work for including sustainability in everything we do, he emphasizes. Grøvik...

    Article Aktuelt June 21 2021
  17. Opinions

    Tekna's opinions and policies Tekna works actively through the media and directly with the ... industrial policy that successfully unites sustainability and competitiveness. Norway should invest in...

  18. International work

    Tekna’s international cooperation and projects IndustriAll European Trade Union (IAE) Nordic IN ... promote environmental, social and economic sustainability. Nording is an informal network comprised of...

  19. Newsletter April 2019

    STEM subjects are closely connected to the sustainability goals defined for areas such as energy, climate ... Ocean AS. She is hoping that establishing a sustainable kelp industry will not take quite as long. Kelp...

    Article Apr. 25 2019
  20. The Story Behind Coastal Darkening

    The darkening of the Norwegian coast is a new threat to the costal ecosystems. The first ... aquatic ecosystems, as well the development of sustainable solutions. Deininger has an MSc in Biology (2012)...

    Article Tema: Bio- og klima Jan. 30 2021 Streaming
  21. Strong salary growth for scientists and technologists

    ...that Norwegian technology develops efficient, sustainable solutions in the future, says Grøvik. Starting ... technology, engineering and math) who’ll develop sustainable and profitable solutions for industries. We also...

    Article Aktuelt Dec. 7 2021
  22. Social welfare in Norway: The nuts and bolts

    What is a welfare state and how does it work? Here is an overview of the Norwegian social ... the more you earn, the more taxes you pay. This sustains an egalitarian society that provides social security...

    Article Working in Norway Dec. 20 2022
  23. Work-Life balance in Norway: Three things you should know

    In Norway, having a sustainable working life is encouraged. From laws and regulations to cultural codes...

    Article Working in Norway Dec. 20 2022
  24. Free training courses for Tekna members

    Tekna is actively involved in developing several industry-specific programs for raising employees’ ... 2021. Language of instruction: Norwegian NTNU: Sustainable Industrial Processes and Resource Management...

    Article Råd og tips Jan. 27 2022
  25. – A simple country boy from Sunnmøre

    When Tekna’s newly elected president Lars Olav Grøvik was going to introduce himself to ... we’ll replace the petroleum industry with other sustainable industries that will still guarantee that we...

    Article Aktuelt June 21 2021