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Bilde av Lars Olav Grøvik president i Tekna
President of Tekna, Lars Olav Grøvik


International Congress: United for a just future

Published: Sept. 24 2021

More than 3000 delegates and observers from more than 100 countries participated when IndustriALL Global Union conducted its 3rd Congress mid-September.

President of Tekna, Lars Olav Grøvik, was Tekna’s head delegate to the virtual meeting, where worker unions from all over the world met to debate and decide on global matters. IndustriALL’s 3rd Congress was originally planned to take place in South Africa, and was first postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. After much uncertainty, the Congress instead became a virtual event, produced from a television studio in Geneva. The digital format meant that more people could participate and that elections were held online.

Rapid changes

The world is undergoing transformations because of rapid expansions of digitalisation, the transition in energy and production technology, as well as changed trade rules and political environment. This also affects working life. Securing sustainable, secure, and decent employment in a changing environment is important. That is why an action plan for the next four-year period was adopted, where IndustriALL Global has decided to prioritize advancing workers’ rights, building union power, confronting global capital and sustainable industrial policies.

Tekna's participation in IndustriALL provides an opportunity to contribute to the organization of employees, as well as the development of better working conditions in other countries and continents. Tekna especially supports IndustriALL Global’s call for strong industrial policies that advance social, economic and environmental sustainability. Climate change is a global problem that requires global solutions. To deliver on the international climate goals, a rapid intensification of emission reductions across sectors, is needed. The social side of climate action must however not be forgotten. We must be aware of the direct impact sustainable industrial policy has on workforce in certain regions. This was also President Grøvik’s message to the Congress


Solidarity is central to IndustriALL Global’s work, as trade union work unfortunately is paralyzed in some countries due to massive attacks on workers’ rights. This was evident when the Congress discussed and adopted a number of resolutions to show support for the workers who experience difficult or dangerous situations in their countries.

Gender equality and the advancement of women’s rights are fundamental to IndustriALL’s work and actions. However, women’s position in the international organisation will now be further strengthened as the Congress decided that at least 40 % of the delegates shall be women, and that all affiliates shall target a minimum of 40 % women representation in their delegations.

Norwegian General Secretary

A new team to lead the global union for the next four years has now been elected. Tekna was pleased to see Atle Høie from Norway being elected as General Secretary. Høie has years of international experience and has been the Assistant General Secretary of IndustriALL Global Union since 2016. In addition, Jörg Hofmann was re-elected as President, and six new Vice-Presidents were elected from the IndustriALL regions.

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