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Blue-green infrastructure – Smart and Sustainable

Written by Tove Rodahl Mar. 25 2019 Streaming

How is blue-green infrastructure an important tool against climate changes as heavy rainfalls and flooding? Blue-green infrastructure: smart and sustainable

What is blue-green infrastructure and why is it important?

Learn about smart and sustainable infrastructure. Is it really possible in a Nordic climate?

Climate change brings more heavy rainfall and flooding that overflows existing sewage systems. Problems escale when cities have large areas of impermeable surfaces like concrete, asphalt and buildings, instead of soil and vegetation.
In addition to absorbing excessive water, blue-green infrastructure increase biodiversity, reduce heat, clean the air by filtering and capturing small particles and have an aesthetical value.

See recordings from our seminar the of March and learn about this smart and sustainable infrastructure, which is an important climate adaptation tool for cities.
Status of green roofs, examples of green roofs and sensor technology which facilitate smart and sustainable infrastructure was also be presented.


  • What is blue-green infrastructure and why is it important?
    David Brassfield
    , NFGI
  • Green roofs today, examples of projects in Oslo (and Norway), technical built-up and how has the tecnology evolved? – Øistein Kvarme, Blomstertak
  • Blue-green infrastructure and sensor technology: examples and possibilities. Sandris Jermacans, Intelzone

David Brassfield, NFGI

Øistein Kvarme, Blomstertak

Sandris Jermacans, Intelzone

Organizers was Norwegian Green Infrastructure Association, Blomstertak, Intelzone and Tekna

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