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  1. Pension in Norway

    ...is an important part of your employment terms. In Norway, everyone collects pension benefits in the National ... Insurance Plan’s old-age pension Everyone who works in Norway is entitled to collect an old-age pension (also...

  2. How pensions work in Norway

    ...before starting work in Norway. Working in Norway Before you start working in Norway, or you apply to ... to work in Norway, it might be a good idea to wrap your mind around how the Norwegian pension system works...

    Article Working in Norway Sept. 16 2022
  3. A career in Norway

    Rules and regulations Our professional networks - Get to know others who share your interests ... and regulations you need to know if you’re working in Norway? What should you know about Norwegian culture...

  4. Podcast: Working in Norway - A Beginner's Guide

    ...cultural shock at the beginning when I moved to Norway, that the employee can, if he wants to put his ... especially made for you who have recently arrived in Norway to work. We will dive into what you need to know...

    Article Working in Norway May 25 2023 Podcast
  5. Are You Working in Norway…or Wanting to Work in Norway?

    December at 3PM Video: Are You Working in Norway…or Wanting to Work in Norway? FREE SEMINAR: What characterizes ... characterizes working life in Norway, and how can you understand Norwegians and their work culture? How can...

    Article Working in Norway Dec. 13 2022 Streaming
  6. Social welfare in Norway: The nuts and bolts

    ...some of the main public services available. Working in Norway There are several different types of welfare ... Middle If you live and pay, or have paid, taxes in Norway, you may be eligible for welfare benefits such...

    Article Working in Norway Dec. 20 2022
  7. Work-Life balance in Norway: Three things you should know

    In Norway, having a sustainable working life is encouraged. From laws and regulations to cultural codes ... work culture. Working in Norway There are a few distinct features to working in Norway. First of all...

    Article Working in Norway Dec. 20 2022
  8. Vacation rights in Norway

    Who has the right to take vacation days in Norway? How do you earn vacation pay? How much vacation can...

    Article Råd og tips June 28 2024
  9. Trade unions in Norway: Four things you need to know

    Looking for work in Norway? Trade unions are an important part of the Norwegian labour market. Here are ... are the basic facts. Working in Norway Norway has a high trade union density rate. Here, around half...

    Article Working in Norway Dec. 9 2022
  10. Salary in Norway: 6 things you need to know

    What’s the average salary in Norway? Is there such a thing as a minimum wage? Here’s what to know about ... about Norwegian wages. Working in Norway When it comes to the labour market, Norway is famous for their...

    Article Working in Norway May 18 2022
  11. Pay and salary in Norway

  12. Parental leave in Norway? What you should know

    ...know about paternity and maternity leave. Working in Norway The intent of parental benefits is to provide ... leave, and home with your child or children. In Norway, parental leave is divided into three parts –...

    Article Working in Norway Apr. 27 2022
  13. Working and living in Norway

    ...working life in Norway, what is the "Norwegian Model" and how is the wage system in Norway? See recordings ... recordings living in Norway,Norwegian culure,seminar,Tekna Forskerne,trade union,video,working in norway, Working...

    Article Working in Norway Oct. 15 2019 Streaming
  14. Norway's best mathematicians

    Norway's best mathematicians The results of this past autumn’s national tests have just been ... Norway's best mathematicians The results of this past autumn’s national tests have just been published...

    Article Nov. 27 2017
  15. Want to work in Norway? This is what you need to know

    Can EU citizens work in Norway? Can a spouse work in Norway on a dependent visa? Here are some answers ... residence permit in Norway. Working in Norway If you are thinking about moving to Norway for work, there...

    Article Working in Norway Sept. 30 2022
  16. Is this why we all want to work in Norway?

    ...foreign nationals work in Norway and a high number of foreign nationals want to work in Norway. Can the Norwegian ... labor unions be a part of the explanation? Working in Norway Having been a ‘permanent resident alien’ of...

    Article Working in Norway June 9 2021
  17. Working in Norway: “Do Norwegians Like Foreigners?”

    (English) evening course called ‘Living and Working in Norway’ that I was running last month in Trondheim ... international workplace,internationalization,living in Norway, Working in Norway This surprise question left this...

    Article Working in Norway Feb. 11 2017
  18. Integration in Norway: Find Your Tribe

    We were talking this week about what different people – in this case non-Norwegians attending ... globalization,integration in Norway,international workplace,internationalization,living in Norway, Working...

    Article Working in Norway Nov. 10 2017
  19. Working in Norway

    ...for work Learn more about immigration Working in Norway Norway’s considerable economic success is often ... to explain the high level of union membership in Norway amongst employees with both higher and lower levels...

    Article Oct. 8 2014
  20. Working in Norway: Who’s the Boss?

    Being a manager in Norway isn’t always easy. Sometimes I wonder why anyone would want to be a manager ... several years at a large Seattle … Working in Norway Being a manager in Norway isn’t always easy. Sometimes...

    Article Working in Norway Mar. 19 2017
  21. Uniting Norway in digital classroms

    Uniting Norway in digital classroms The ENT3R project, which is aimed at promoting maths and science ... subjects in schools, will reach out to the whole of Norway through digital classrooms. Here is a guide to...

    Article Nov. 27 2017
  22. Integration: How to Move to Norway

    If you’ve moved to Norway, learn something about Norway. Then tell Norwegians what you’ve learned. As ... the plane at the Oslo airport for … integration in Norway,intercultural communication,intercultural misunderstanding...

    Article Working in Norway Jan. 12 2018
  23. Working in Norway: The Colleague Conversation

    Yet another reason to be happy that you’re working in Norway? Consider the Norwegian term medarbeidersamtale ... business culture in Norway,international workplace,medarbeidersamtale,working in norway,working in the...

    Article Working in Norway Nov. 15 2019
  24. Mars and Venus: (Not) Talking to Strangers in Norway

    ...event arranged by my women’s network in southern Norway. New to the region, she started telling me about ... out in public. She gave the example of … Working in Norway Not long ago, I was having a conversation...

    Article Working in Norway Dec. 29 2017
  25. North Sea Decommissioning: Norway’s New Oil Adventure?

    ...presentation two months ago about how oil-producing Norway was handling its recent economic downturn. Not ... myself, I was easily impressed … job opportunities in Norway,North Sea decommissioning,Norwegian economy,Norwegian...

    Article Working in Norway Nov. 3 2017