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Working in norway

Working in Norway

Working and living in Norway

Written by Tove Rodahl Oct. 15 2019 Streaming

Working and living in Norway. What characterizes working life in Norway, what is the "Norwegian Model" and how is the wage system in Norway? See recordings

Is the Norwegian culture somewhat new to you?
Do you want to understand the Norwegians better?

Are you seeking information about the Norwegian working life and want an introduction to living in Norway?

Tekna held a seminar “WORKING AND LIVING IN NORWAY” intended for foreign workers or PhD candidates at “Kulturhuset” the 15th October.
The seminar was in two parts:
1) Working in Norway (This part we could follow by LIVE-stream)
2) Living in Norway

Watch recording of first part of seminar
Here we learned about the “Norwegian Model”. This includes the Norwegian wage system, the part Tekna can have in wage negotiations and you will hear about Tekna’s position as both a trade union and a society. Tekna also offers you a broad professional network.

However, the clever main author of this blog, Karin Lee, is an American who has been working in Norway for more than twenty years. Read how she describes her experiences in being a “permanent resident alien” and what working in Norway has meant to her in: The Norwegian Model: It Works.
Or… read her excellent related posts concerning Integration, Trade Union or Business culture

The initiative to this seminar is taken by Tekna Forskerne, since a lot of our members, for instance PhD candidates scientists, comes from abroad.

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