10. mai
kl. 19.00–21.00
Omakase Hamar, HAMAR

Join us for a fun evening, learning more about (and drinking) cocktails!

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You will learn to make drinks like Mint Cuvee, Basil Gimlet and an Old Fashioned. (Small snacks will be available during the course). Of course, you get to drink your creation too.

Each participant gets their own setup with bar tools and makes cocktails, while we learn to how different flavour's go well together.

We practice how to use different bar tools effectively and learn the theory behind making a balanced cocktail.

In the beginners course -

  1. Focus on techniques with bar tools

  2. Different ways of mixing cocktails - shaking, stirring, blending, pour over

  3. Why good quality ice is important to a drink

  4. How to batch cocktails at home with herbs from your garden to serve a group.

  5. How to balance your cocktail for sugar and acidity

  6. Tasting and how to train your taste buds.

The course will be held by Leslie Steven Dcunha, Head bartender and owner at Apothekeria cocktail bar and kitchen. The course will be held in English.

You have to be over 20 years old to attend this course.

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Adresse: Torggata 13, Hamar
  • Leslie Dcunha

    I started in this industry in 2008, Studied hotel and bar operations in Hotel school in Switzerland. Worked my way up with my own cafe at 23, then with my education went from being a waiter and bartender at over 20+ businesses in 6 countries, then moved to Iceland for 14 years. My last job was as Hotel manager at one of Icelands finest tourist destination and restaurant Perlan. The most fulfilling years during this time was a bartender, picked up the art from some of the best bartenders from Copenhagen and Japan while working at some fine bars. Hamar is where I settle down and build a cocktail culture and share with all. Apothekeria is where I experiment with cocktails and push boundaries.