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  1. What is the Norwegian Model?

    What is the Norwegian Model? Being a member of a trade union is an important piece of the puzzle often ... called "The Norwegian Model" - a cooperative model that is unique to the Nordic countries. Aktuelt The Norwegian...

    Article Aktuelt May 11 2020
  2. The Norwegian Model: It Works

    ‘permanent resident alien’ of the country for more than 20 years, I took a moment the other day to think about ... about what … Karin Lee The Norwegian Model: It Works Den norske modellen,employee rights,living in Norway...

    Article Working in Norway Sept. 10 2019
  3. XXIV NCR Symposium 2021 is postponed to august 2022 in Sweden,


    Conference Aug. 16–19 2022
  4. Why join a trade union today?

    ...av Norwegian employees are members of a trade union. – Many people take several of the Norwegian welfare ... welfare benefits – which have all been negotiated by the union movement – for granted, declares Katrine Olsson...

    Article Råd og tips Apr. 19 2021
  5. Working and living in Norway

    ...working life in Norway, what is the "Norwegian Model" and how is the wage system in Norway? See recordings ... recordings living in Norway,Norwegian culure,seminar,Tekna Forskerne,trade union,video,working in norway...

    Article Working in Norway Oct. 15 2019 Streaming
  6. Intellectual property rights (IPR)

    ...enterprises have intellectual property rights, whether in the form of business secrets, know-how, patents, trademarks ... names. These rights are often established on the basis of the employees’ performance. In such cases, there...

    Article Råd og tips Feb. 27 2021
  7. This is what technologists are demanding of the new government

    ...demanding of the new government Tekna’s been closely following the process surrounding the new government’s ... expectations of and input for its new platform. – We expect the Støre government to deliver in areas such as increasing...

    Article Aktuelt Oct. 6 2021
  8. Working in Norway: Don’t Say “Hello” in the Morning

    ...been asked the following question: What is the most important unwritten rule in Norwegian workplace, ... is based on? Readers were invited to guess the answer. The more serious suggestions: Don’t intrude on...

    Article Working in Norway Dec. 6 2017
  9. – A simple country boy from Sunnmøre

    Grøvik believes that we’re facing enormous changes in the future world of work. Photo: Knut Neerland and Anne ... Grøvik was going to introduce himself to the delegates at the annual ‘R-meeting’, he called himself «a...

    Article Aktuelt June 21 2021
  10. Is this why we all want to work in Norway?

    Norway. Can the Norwegian welfare state and the strong Norwegian labor unions be a part of the explanation ... resident alien’ of the country for more than 20 years, I experienced firsthand the country’s welfare state...

    Article Working in Norway June 9 2021
  11. Working Remotely: Is it your right?

    Norway In Norway we work under the ideas included in The Norwegian Model. Though when I’ve googled this ... this term, it often comes up as The Nordic Model, so it’s hard to know which of these countries really owns...

    Article Working in Norway June 11 2020
  12. Working in Norway: What’s your added value?

    ...an entrepreneur as the only way to make it in business? “Value added: describes the enhancement a company ... company gives its product or service before offering the product to customers.” (Investopedia) Thought of...

    Article Working in Norway Jan. 19 2018
  13. We’re going for more content in English

    The front page of tekna.no in english Haakon Bruusgaard Tekna’s services for English-speaking members ... with the rest of tekna.no. There was a total of 31 news articles published throughout 2020. The majority...

    Article Aktuelt June 1 2021
  14. Here’s some advice if you’re entering into a shareholders’ agreement

    ...important to have a shareholders’ agreement in place at the outset. This agreement is a contract between shareholders ... shareholders that either deviates from or follows the Norwegian Companies Act. In Norway we have more than 300...

    Article Aug. 26 2021
  15. North Sea Decommissioning: Norway’s New Oil Adventure?

    ...decommissioning,Norwegian economy,Norwegian oil industry,Norwegian workplace,the norwegian model, Working in ... myself, I was easily impressed by the enormous numbers I came across when the word ‘decommissioning’ popped...

    Article Working in Norway Nov. 3 2017
  16. ‘So Why Is Norway Rich?’: Falling Into the (Easy) Tabloid Trap

    ...away from the tabloids for awhile. To explain: Working and living in Norway as we do, we’re in the understandable ... Karin Lee ‘So Why Is Norway Rich?’: Falling Into the (Easy) Tabloid Trap Brexit,European Union,international...

    Article Working in Norway May 12 2017
  17. This is how you get elected as a Tekna Representative

    ...role in what is called the "Norwegian Model" among employees, employers and the government. Being a Tekna ... contact with management at your workplace The ability to influence the company's plans and decisions based...

    Article May 8 2020
  18. Working in Norway

    ...attributed to the close collaboration between industry and government, as well as the open door-policy ... employee. The Norwegian model This relationship is often described as ”The Norwegian model”. The term is...

    Article Oct. 8 2014
  19. Working in Norway: Who’s the Boss?

    ...with staff responsibility given all the problems inherent in the very act of trying to control other ... large Seattle … Karin Lee Working in Norway: Who’s the Boss? Working in Norway Being a manager in Norway...

    Article Working in Norway Mar. 19 2017
  20. The physicist working to reduce cow belches

    The physicist working to reduce cow belches When cows belch methane they make a big contribution to global ... genetic material to pinpoint the cows that burp the least, so that Norwegian farmers can breed them. Climate...

    Article Feb. 4 2019
  21. Representatives

    ...representatives! The year 2019 was the year of the union representatives in Tekna. The overall goal of the campaign ... for each representative in addition to promoting the importance of their work. Get better acquainted with...

  22. Newsletter April 2019

    Newsletter April 2019 Without trade unions, the rights that people take for granted could be lost “Low ... weakened trade unions could result in the loss of some of the rights that many people nowadays take for...

    Article Apr. 25 2019
  23. Intellectual property rights (IPR) - employees

    ...issues. Contact us also for more detailed guidance on the transfer of rights in employment relationships, notification ... calculate compensation and questions relating to the Mediation Board for employees’ inventions. Tel 22...

    Article Mar. 13 2015