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  1. Employee Wellness in the Norwegian Work Culture

    Have you heard the one about the Norwegian husband who loved his wife so much, he almost told her? Working ... joke brings a smile to many faces, Norwegians and non-Norwegians alike. Why is this so? Perhaps because...

    Article Working in Norway Apr. 15 2021
  2. Norwegian Work Culture

    Norwegian Work Culture As a foreign employee in Norway, please take the time to learn about a certain ... certain number of unique features of the Norwegian workplace, so that you will find it easier to settle in...

    Article Mar. 13 2015
  3. Working with Norwegians

    47828 Working with Norwegians Welcome to the seminar: "Working with Norwegians" with instructor Karin ... Karin Ellis (CEO of Ellis Culture) This seminar will explain the social norms, unwritten rules and expectations

    Course Nov. 27 18:00–20:00
  4. A career in Norway

    Rules and regulations Our professional networks - Get to know others who share your interests ... working in Norway? What should you know about Norwegian culture? Learn about the behaviour, norms and values...

  5. – Seeing people put their feet up on the desk in front of their boss was a huge culture shock

    Can Norway learn anything from Iranian work culture? After coming to Norway in 2011, Ensieh Khasheh works ... and boss in Norway. – There’s a friendlier work culture in Iran – It’s respectful and friendly, but not...

    Article Tekna Magasinet June 20 2023
  6. Empowering International Professionals: "Through Tekna I found like-minded people"

    ...member Ning Zhou. Tema: IKT "Tekna Is a Gateway to Norwegian Society" Ning Zhou, a board member in the Tekna ... network, says the network helped her connect with Norwegian society. Finding a community of like-minded individuals...

    Article Tema: IKT Nov. 13 2023
  7. Are You Working in Norway…or Wanting to Work in Norway?

    Norway, and how can you understand Norwegians and their work culture? How can you go about getting a job ... foreign-born worker or refugee seeking information about Norwegian working life? If you’re new to the country and...

    Article Working in Norway Dec. 13 2022 Streaming
  8. Work-Life balance in Norway: Three things you should know

    ...regulations to cultural codes and expectations, this is what you need to know about the Norwegian work culture ... expected. In addition, there is a strong trade union culture present, and workers’ rights are frequently discussed...

    Article Working in Norway Dec. 20 2022
  9. What is the Norwegian Model?

    ...important piece of the puzzle often called "The Norwegian Model" - a cooperative model that is unique to ... to the Nordic countries. Aktuelt The Norwegian Model gives us the rules of the game for working life,...

    Article Aktuelt May 11 2020
  10. Podcast: Working in Norway - A Beginner's Guide

    Ensieh [00:00 - 00:23] One thing that was a kind of cultural shock at the beginning when I moved to Norway ... themselves. But this is something that is seen that culture doesn't exist in other countries. Vibeke [00:38...

    Article Working in Norway May 25 2023 Podcast
  11. Working and living in Norway

    ...characterizes working life in Norway, what is the "Norwegian Model" and how is the wage system in Norway? See ... See recordings living in Norway,Norwegian culure,seminar,Tekna Forskerne,trade union,video,working in...

    Article Working in Norway Oct. 15 2019 Streaming
  12. The Italian Job: Network(ing) Failure at Its Finest

    and … culture class,intercultural communication,LinkedIn profile,Norwegian business culture, Working ... doing was making small talk, right? RF culture vs DF culture = clash and crash Who was right and who...

    Article Working in Norway Feb. 23 2018
  13. Trade unions in Norway: Four things you need to know

    Norway? Trade unions are an important part of the Norwegian labour market. Here are the basic facts. Working ... most trade unions are part of. These are The Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO), The Confederation...

    Article Working in Norway Dec. 9 2022
  14. When Rude Isn’t Rude: Norway Scores Third Person Shutout

    ...evening, these newcomers will: ‘…understand Norwegian culture, behavior … integration,intercultural communication ... evening, these newcomers will: ‘…understand Norwegian culture, behavior and habits.’ Having this point in...

    Article Working in Norway Oct. 27 2017
  15. Should you ever ask about salary during a job interview?

    Should you wait until you get your employment contract proposal before looking at the salary? ... fact that this topic is almost taboo in Norwegian work culture – with the exception of jobs in sectors...

    Article Råd og tips Jan. 9 2023
  16. Business Culture Clash: What’s in a (LinkedIn) photo?

    ...international workplace,LinkedIn profile,Norwegian culture,Norwegian workplace,working in norway, Working ... LI photo. Conservative or liberal – who knows? Culture clash about clothing here? American conservatism...

    Article Working in Norway Feb. 8 2018
  17. – A simple country boy from Sunnmøre

    ...who’s passionate about volunteer service, The Norwegian Model and the green shift. Aktuelt Recently, Lars ... states that he’s never forgotten the story of the Norwegian welfare state’s beginnings and growth, and that...

    Article Aktuelt June 21 2021
  18. Relationships Working for You?

    How do you feel about relationship? When you read that question, what probably popped into your ... communication skills,management skills,Norwegian business culture,relationship skills, Working in Norway...

    Article Working in Norway Apr. 30 2019
  19. Integration in Norway: Find Your Tribe

    ...about what different people – in this case non-Norwegians attending my Intercultural Communication at Work ... about what different people – in this case non-Norwegians attending my Intercultural Communication at Work...

    Article Working in Norway Nov. 10 2017
  20. Joined Tekna when he didn’t get any vacation pay

    Times, Ali got the chance to write about art, culture and the environment. – It was a fun time where ... manage the place. It was in this bar that I met a Norwegian girl. My first reaction was: Norway – where’s...

    Article Råd og tips Sept. 15 2022
  21. Integration at Work: Simply the Best?

    ...issues,living in Norway,working in norway,workplace culture, Working in Norway If you’ve lived in Norway for ... This phrase could apply to the stereotypical Norwegian communication style. People here are known for...

    Article Working in Norway May 12 2018
  22. Newsletter October 2017

    ...http://teknamagasinet.no/lonnsstatistikk/ The full article in Norwegian can be found at teknamagasinet.no The engineer ... 620 billion – the pension savings of 700,000 Norwegians. Although the whole of his professional career...

    Article Oct. 3 2017
  23. Paying It Forward: A Culture of Sharing in Business

    ...it in person. paying it forward,share culture,sharing culture, Working in Norway Last week I received ... touch more wonderful place to be. Don’t speak Norwegian? Interested in developing your professional skills...

    Article Working in Norway Jan. 20 2016
  24. Meeting People: What do you tell them about yourself?

    ...communication issues,living in Norway,Norwegian business culture,working in norway, Working in Norway ... in the middle of telling them how you met your Norwegian spouse when he/she was sitting next to you at...

    Article Working in Norway Dec. 27 2019
  25. Working in Norway: The Colleague Conversation

    Consider the Norwegian term medarbeidersamtale. It’s one of those long words where Norwegians stick two ... translated, … annual performance review,business culture in Norway,international workplace,medarbeidersamtale...

    Article Working in Norway Nov. 15 2019