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  1. AI in game development

    LIVE on the 5.th of December 2023 at 5 PM Tekna Big Data Video: AI in game development Let's ... the 5.th of December 2023 at 5 PM Tekna Big Data Video: AI in game development Let's explore some compelling...

    Article Tema: IKT Dec. 8 2023 Streaming
  2. AI+Art – Applications of machine learning in creative industries

    LIVE on the. 14.th of October 08:30 AM Learn more about AI applications in art from leading researchers ... from the leading industry players for images and videos. There are also no short of innovative examples...

    Article Tema: IKT Oct. 14 2022 Streaming
  3. Introduction to Web and Application Security

    Live on November 7, at 4:30 PM Tekna's network for developers Video: Introduction to ... November 7, at 4:30 PM Tekna's network for developers Video: Introduction to Web and Application Security In...

    Article Tema: IKT Nov. 7 2023 Streaming
  4. How is AI applied to solve real-world problems?

    LIVE April 17. at 18.00 PM Video: How is AI applied to solve real-world problems? Are you interested...

    Article Tema: IKT Apr. 17 2023 Streaming
  5. Tekna members: 70% have taken out a policy with Gjensidige Insurance

    Many Tekna members have saved a lot of money by taking out an insurance policy with Gjensidige. Råd og ... help by calling 915 03 100. You can also book a video chat (gjensidige.no in Norwegian).

    Article Råd og tips Sept. 22 2023
  6. Blue-green infrastructure – Smart and Sustainable

    ...green roofs,infrastructure,smart,sustainability,video, Working in Norway What is blue-green infrastructure ... Association, Blomstertak, Intelzone and Tekna Find more videos from Tekna arrangements in English...

    Article Working in Norway Mar. 25 2019 Streaming
  7. The future of cybersecurity: cases, trends, and how to build a career

    LIVE on the 10. th of February at 10 :00 AM Video: The future of cybersecurity: cases, trends, and how...

    Article Tema: IKT Feb. 10 2023 Streaming
  8. Distributed fibre optic sensing

    Magnus Hjelstuen Research manager at SINTEF Digital This webinar cover the topic "distributed ... with a spatial resolution of less than 1m. This video is part of SINTEF'S webinar series on Sensor Technology...

    Article IKT-bloggen Oct. 20 2020 Streaming
  9. Fabrication Laboratories - Digitalized Manufacturing

    Webinar recording: ... Fabrication Laboratories - Digitalized Manufacturing Video: Fabrication Laboratories In this webinar, the concepts...

    Article Forskningsbloggen June 23 2020 Streaming
  10. Presentation: Bloodhound Supersonic Car – The need for speed

    >Just how fast can a supersonic ... car travel over land? Bloodhound Supersonic Car,video, Working in Norway Just how fast can a supersonic...

    Article Working in Norway May 31 2018 Streaming
  11. Recent statistics show that I’m earning less than others at my job level. What can I do?

    You should contact your manager and request a meeting to discuss your salary. lønnsstatistikk,lav ... Salary review meeting (with English subtitles): Video: lønnssamtalen What are you earning compared to...

    Article Råd og tips Nov. 7 2023
  12. Making sense of cloud and edge computing

    A brief seminar on edge computing vs cloud computing ... autonomous systems,cloud computing,edge computing,ITS,video, Working in Norway Should data from sensors, smart...

    Article Working in Norway Oct. 25 2018 Streaming
  13. Lecture: Philosophy of Leadership

    If you look up an English translation for the Norwegian word ‘leder’, there are often two ... decisiveness, courage, in … leader,leadership,video, Working in Norway If you look up an English translation...

    Article Working in Norway May 15 2018 Streaming
  14. Newsletter October 2017

    Newsletter October ... at the video below and learn about matters addressed by Tekna over the last two years. The video reviews ... reviews Teknas most important victories. Watch the video (In Norwegian)...

    Article Oct. 3 2017
  15. Joined Tekna when he didn’t get any vacation pay

    ...there. And like many other young guys, I played video games a lot while growing up. After awhile, I started ... anyone who wants to create video games. – Actually, I was working so much on video games that I started to...

    Article Råd og tips Sept. 15 2022
  16. Insurance

    You can save a lot! You can save a large amount of money on your personal insurance through ... dekninger, men sørg for å være riktig dekket. Book et video- eller telefonmøte med en rådgiver hos Gjensidige...

  17. Academic fields and professional networks

    What are your interests? Why join a Tekna professional network? Keep yourself updated on your professional and academic interests Receive ... to further your career https://player.vimeo.com/video/391450211...

  18. – You have nothing to lose by trying to negotiate a higher starting salary

    What Kai Roger did in his new job Aktuelt You’re done with your studies and heading out to ... along, he says. – Another tool I used was Tekna’s video called «Your Salary Negotiation», which shows you...

    Article Aktuelt Dec. 17 2021
  19. Working and living in Norway

    What characterizes working life in Norway, what is the "Norwegian Model" and ... Norwegian culure,seminar,Tekna Forskerne,trade union,video,working in norway, Working in Norway Are you seeking...

    Article Working in Norway Oct. 15 2019 Streaming
  20. Free training courses for Tekna members

    Tekna is actively involved in developing several industry-specific programs for raising employees’ ... Systems Engineering. Start date: A set of short video lectures will be made available on 27 January 2021...

    Article Råd og tips Jan. 27 2022
  21. Membership benefits from A-Z

    If you are travelling abroad, you can get easy video access to a Norwegian-speaking doctor. Find out ... speakers on finding employment. The course contains 10 video modules that will teach you the key points you need...

    Article Råd og tips Aug. 16 2021