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Dervis Mansuroglu

Topic: ICT

How is ChatGPT shaping the future of AI?

Published: June 13 2023 Streaming

The technical and ethical impact of accelerated learning with ChatGPT

Dervis Mansuroglu talks about

  • why ChatGPT?
  • experiences so far - what works/what doesn't
  • experiences - writing OOP code in Java
  • experiences - writing chess engine in Java

Dervis Mansuroglu

Dervis works as a principal officer, mentor, and a manager for a team of developers at NAV IT, the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration. Before joining the leadership team at NAV, he worked as a fullstack-developer for about twelve years. During this time, he was involved in several large-scale projects in both the public and private sector. Dervis holds a masters degree in computer science. Dervis is passionate about programming languages, functional programming and algorithms. Dervis is a Java Champion and the current leader of the Norwegian JUG, JavaBin. He has spoken at several international conferences as well as being a regular speaker at local meetups in Norway.

The event was organized by Tekna's network for developers.

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