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Illustrasjon av mennesker som prater

Topic: ICT

Tech in Startups: What worked and what sucked

Modified: May 3 2024 Streaming

CTOs from post-seed startups talk about the technology they used: which ones helped, and which ones drained the life out of them.

Enjoy presentations from four startups that started up right here in Norway with CTOs that have been central to building the technology behind them. All the startup are at least post-seed funded, and have been through the grinders of market fit, pivoting, fundraising, and growing more white hair than needed.

They've all tested different technologies, and have been happy and sad with their choices. Hopefully there's a lot of lessons to learn, and new approaches and tech to be exposed to!

The Programme

  • Tech regrets, I've had a few
    Kevin Simons, CTO of Kitemaker (Y Combinator, W21)
  • Do you actually need it to scale?
    Frikk Fossan, CTO at Curipod
  • Presentation of Oslo Grunderne
  • Zero to infinity, how Atlas builds fast without breaking things
    Harald Tryti Rieber - Atlas, CTO
  • Aging and tech
    Espen Riskedal, CTO and Co-founder at Age Labs AS

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