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Illustrasjon av Fiberoptisk teknologi

Topic: ICT

Distributed fibre optic sensing

Written by Magnus Hjelstuen, SINTEF Modified: Oct. 20 2020 Streaming

This webinar cover the topic "distributed fibre optic sensing". In this short Webinar we will explain how this technology works and show some applications where this technology is being used.

Distributed fibre optic sensing is a technology that enables continuous, real-time measurements along the entire length of a fibre optic cable. Unlike traditional sensors that rely on discrete sensors measuring at pre-determined points, distributed sensing does not rely upon manufactured sensors but utilises the optical fibre itself. This unique property of the optical fibre makes the fibre to an advanced sensors that can measure physical parameters like temperature, acoustics/vibrations and strain along the full length of the fibre with a spatial resolution of less than 1m.

This video is part of SINTEF'S webinar series on Sensor Technology. 

Magnus Hjelstuen

Research manager at SINTEF Digital

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