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kretskort formet som hjerne

Topic: ICT

This year in machine learning and what's next? 2023 edition

Modified: Oct. 27 2023 Streaming

We invite you to learn more about latest trends in ML and AI. Hear about this year in machine l learning and the new trends for 2024.

We invite you to learn more about latest trends in ML and AI and to the annual meeting of Tekna Big Data.

After holding last year's talk about the top 5 trends for the upcoming year within machine learning we repeat tradition. We are excited to know whether Rustam Mehmandarov and Marco Angel Bertani-Økland were correct in their assumptions. We will also go into how new trends for 2024 are affecting the ML landscape and why we think they are essential. As a bonus, we will also mention what we believe are some of the emerging trends to follow up for next year.

Tekna Big Data

Tekna Big Data is the network for members of Tekna interested in technologies like data science, artificial intelligence, IoT or other related areas. Join us

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