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En kvinne og en mann på jobb

Topic: ICT

Latest trends in machine learning and artificial intelligence

Modified: Nov. 7 2022 Streaming

What were the top trends in machine learning this year? And what's next?

The Program

This year in Machine Learning

During this informal talk, Rustam Mehmandarov and Marco Angel Bertani-Økland will discuss their top 5 trends for this year within machine learning. We will go into how these trends are affecting the ML landscape and why we think they are important. As a bonus, we will also mention what we believe are some of the emerging trends to follow up for next year.

  • Rustam Mehmandarov
    Sjefsingeniør, Computas AS
  • Marco Angel Bertani-Økland
    Chief Data Scientist, EcoOnline AS Avd Oslo

Foundation models of the future: a hardware perspective

The AI landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years and is expected to change just as dramatically in the next few years. Models are migrating from dense transformers trained on single data formats performing single tasks, to general purpose "foundational" models that can be used by many for many different purposes. Lead times in hardware manufacture are counted in years so at Graphcore we invest a lot of time thinking about what the future of AI will bring. I will discuss this paradigm shift in AI from an algorithmic, system and economic perspective, as well as give our view on what the future may look like in this exciting area.

  • Ellie Dobson
    Director of Data Science EMEA, Arundo Analytics AS

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