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  1. Working with Norwegians

    the social norms, unwritten rules and expectations in Norwegian workplaces. It will provide a practical ... Norwegian culture and mindset that is hard to find in other places and that may take years to build on

    Course Nov. 27 18:00–20:00
  2. Are you a non-Norwegian looking for a job in Norway?

    ...about job ads from an English-speaking applicant veteran. Working in Norway Applying for a job in Norway ... speaker? Here are a few points to consider: Some job ads can be confusing as they don’t state clearly...

    Article Working in Norway July 21 2020
  3. Wants to be Europe’s biggest battery recycling company

    When his daughter was born in 2020, battery entrepreneur Radu Achihai wanted to get out of the oil industry ... wants to become one of the leaders in what is currently Norway’s fastest growing industry. The battery...

    Article Tekna Magasinet Oct. 16 2023
  4. Being a union representative is very exciting

    ...around 20 Tekna members in the local branch at NOV Wellbore Technologies Norway LLC in Stavanger. It’s an ... crisis hit in 2008, many people lost their jobs in Iceland. There was a full-page advertisement in the newspaper...

    Article Råd og tips Oct. 13 2023
  5. New record high for IT jobs

    In the past year alone, the number of IT jobs in Tekna professions has increased by 10 percent, the highest ... highest increase since SSB statistics started in 2016. Over the course of just a few months, Tekna member...

    Article Tekna Magasinet Dec. 14 2022
  6. Are You Working in Norway…or Wanting to Work in Norway?

    Working in Norway…or Wanting to Work in Norway? FREE SEMINAR: What characterizes working life in Norway ... culture? How can you go about getting a job here? Working in Norway Are you a student, foreign-born worker...

    Article Working in Norway Dec. 13 2022 Streaming
  7. – Seeing people put their feet up on the desk in front of their boss was a huge culture shock

    Can Norway learn anything from Iranian work culture? After coming to Norway in 2011, Ensieh Khasheh works ... this job, she was surprised at how short a distance there is between employee and boss in Norway. – There’s...

    Article Tekna Magasinet June 20 2023
  8. Want to work in Norway? This is what you need to know

    Can EU citizens work in Norway? Can a spouse work in Norway on a dependent visa? Here are some answers ... residence permit in Norway. Working in Norway If you are thinking about moving to Norway for work, there...

    Article Working in Norway Sept. 30 2022
  9. Tekna professions will survive COVID-19

    Statistics Norway’s most recent jobs report based on last year’s data shows a significant decrease in Norway’s ... sector, while Tekna professions showed growth – even in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Aktuelt There...

    Article Aktuelt Mar. 3 2021
  10. How pensions work in Norway

    ...starting work in Norway. Working in Norway Before you start working in Norway, or you apply to work in Norway ... deal of experience with pension schemes. Middle “In a lot of countries, your pension is something you...

    Article Working in Norway Sept. 16 2022
  11. Joined Tekna when he didn’t get any vacation pay

    While Ali Akhtarzada’s CV lists jobs as both an arts journalist and bar owner, what he most enjoys is ... is developing new IT products – preferably in start-up companies. When he didn’t get any vacation pay...

    Article Råd og tips Sept. 15 2022
  12. No need to delete: How to write about ‘old’ jobs in your new job search

    ...you know that it’s standard practice to not list jobs you’ve had more than ten years ago on your CV? That ... about your career when applying for a new job? Working in Norway You’re certainly not alone if you didn’t...

    Article Working in Norway Feb. 2 2021
  13. Social welfare in Norway: The nuts and bolts

    ...available. Working in Norway There are several different types of welfare states in the world. Some are ... participation in the labor market. The Norwegian welfare state is built upon a social democratic model, in which...

    Article Working in Norway Dec. 20 2022
  14. Geologists in second place

    ...increase, coming in at second place after athletes and before street cleaners, who wound up in third place ... high salary increases for certain jobs in the oil and gas industry in the first quarter, which is probably...

    Article Tekna Magasinet June 7 2023
  15. Trade unions in Norway: Four things you need to know

    Looking for work in Norway? Trade unions are an important part of the Norwegian labour market. Here are ... are the basic facts. Working in Norway Norway has a high trade union density rate. Here, around half...

    Article Working in Norway Dec. 9 2022
  16. Podcast: Working in Norway - A Beginner's Guide

    ...moved to Norway, that the employee can, if he wants to put his legs on the table or put a "snus" in front ... doesn't exist in other countries. Vibeke [00:38 - 00:58] You spend a huge amount of time in your life at...

    Article Working in Norway May 25 2023 Podcast
  17. Older Job Seekers: The Painful Need to Leave Your Past Behind

    – especially if we’re actively looking for a new job. But what … Since we’re so often told that all of ... new job. international workplace,job search,job seeker,Norway,older job seeker, Working in Norway But...

    Article Working in Norway Apr. 12 2021
  18. Praise Be – Or Not?

    Last fall in Bergen, Norway, an unexpected thing happened while I was teaching an evening course on interview ... interview technique in English to a group of unemployed engineers who had lost their jobs because of downsizing...

    Article Working in Norway Feb. 29 2016
  19. Want to apply for a remote job? Some tips to get you started

    Do you want to apply for a ‘remote only’ job? Working in Norway That’s great! You surely have your reasons ... brought about a lot of changes to everyone working in Norway, including the move for many to ‘hjemmekontor’...

    Article Working in Norway Nov. 16 2020
  20. Don’t label yourself: What did you learn on the job?

    ...you ever had a job, and if you did, what did it teach you? Working in Norway Too often, job seekers tend ... Instead, they define themselves with a label (read: job title) to tell us who they are. They’ll say, ‘I’m...

    Article Working in Norway Sept. 28 2020
  21. Record growth – Tekna membership passes 100,000

    ...membership growth and has now passed 100,000 members. In the past year alone, it’s gained 10,000 new members ... 100,000 members. – This is a great day for Tekna. In August of 2021, we passed 90,000 members, and already...

    Article Aktuelt Mar. 13 2023
  22. The bottom line: European immigrants have lowest rate of trade union membership

    ...immigrant groups have been taken from Statistics Norway and are based on tax returns where a deduction ... shown. The figures have been obtained for professions in which Tekna members are working, the different groups...

    Article Aktuelt Sept. 3 2021
  23. Good Boss Bad Boss: What Have You Had?

    ...bad boss there are no good jobs, and with a good boss there are no bad jobs.’ Is it true? Well, over the ... management,management skills,working in norway,workplace culture, Working in Norway Have you ever heard this workplace...

    Article Working in Norway Apr. 12 2019
  24. Is this why we all want to work in Norway?

    ...nationals work in Norway and a high number of foreign nationals want to work in Norway. Can the Norwegian ... unions be a part of the explanation? Working in Norway Having been a ‘permanent resident alien’ of the...

    Article Working in Norway June 9 2021
  25. North Sea Decommissioning: Norway’s New Oil Adventure?

    ...presentation two months ago about how oil-producing Norway was handling its recent economic downturn. Not ... person myself, I was easily impressed … job opportunities in Norway,North Sea decommissioning,Norwegian economy...

    Article Working in Norway Nov. 3 2017