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Picture of a Father working remotly from home the kichen table, with a child sitting on his back

Working in Norway

Want to apply for a remote job? Some tips to get you started

Written by Karin Lee Published: Nov. 16 2020

Do you want to apply for a ‘remote only’ job?

That’s great! You surely have your reasons for needing or wanting to work outside of an office.

This ‘Year of the Virus’ has brought about a lot of changes to everyone working in Norway, including the move for many to ‘hjemmekontor’.

Some people have found that this new situation functions so well for them that they want to keep doing it. Others have heard about working remotely and want to try it themselves.

Working remotely is a popular trend that’s taking off all over the world.

They’re not alone: LinkedIn reports that work-from-home job postings are ‘spiking, surging and skyrocketing’ on a global basis.

If you’d like to apply for the new remote jobs coming on the employment scene, here are some tips to get your application to stand out:

  • Don’t write that you want a job that lets you ‘work from anywhere’ (even though that just might be true, best to leave it out).
  • Do focus on why you’d be a good remote worker, not why it would be good for you
  • Do write so that you show that you understand what the organization needs from you and how you can help them get it – even at a distance.
  • Do write so that your tech skills stand out as ones the organization can use. These might appear in the job posting; if they don’t, find out what they are.
  • Don’t just write ‘Seeking remote job opportunities’ in your CV Summary as this is too broad. Instead, write as specifically as possible about the type of work you’re looking for, using a few key words in your description.
  • Do include any and all remote experience that you have, whether you worked from home full-time or occasionally, earned a certificate online or completed a volunteer project – it all counts.
  • Don’t write ‘was responsible for…’ as it’s too passive and unclear. Instead, use metrics (a trendy word meaning numbers and/or percentages) to show what you did and accomplished at each remote position you’ve held.
  • Finally, do show that you can take initiative to finish assignments (with little or no guidance) and build relationships based on trust (with people you probably won’t see in person).

Is the ‘freedom under responsibility’ (frihet under ansvar) of working remotely something for you?

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