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  1. Are You Working in Norway…or Wanting to Work in Norway?

    December at 3PM Video: Are You Working in Norway…or Wanting to Work in Norway? FREE SEMINAR: What characterizes ... characterizes working life in Norway, and how can you understand Norwegians and their work culture? How can...

    Article Working in Norway Dec. 13 2022 Streaming
  2. Working and living in Norway

    ...working life in Norway, what is the "Norwegian Model" and how is the wage system in Norway? See recordings ... recordings living in Norway,Norwegian culure,seminar,Tekna Forskerne,trade union,video,working in norway, Working...

    Article Working in Norway Oct. 15 2019 Streaming
  3. Next generation bioinformatics

    Sendt 26. august kl. 9.00 As a relatively young discipline, bioinformatics has had ... klima In collaboration with Centre for digital life Norway, we launch this pre-event for the national bioinformatics...

    Article Tema: Bio- og klima Aug. 26 2022 Streaming
  4. The future of cybersecurity: cases, trends, and how to build a career

    LIVE on the 10. th of February at 10 :00 AM Video: The future of cybersecurity: cases, ... be an opportunity to ask questions in the end. In Norway, there has been an increasing need for cybersecurity...

    Article Tema: IKT Feb. 10 2023 Streaming
  5. How is blockchain being used today?

    LIVE on the 3.th of November at 5.00 PM TeknaX Enjoy a seminar with the stories on how and where blockchain technology is used today. "Tekna ... Manager Smart Centre and Partner Program i GS1 Norway...

    Article Tema: IKT Nov. 3 2022 Streaming
  6. The circular economy: Biomaterials and biorefining

    LIVE 26.th of September at 9:00AM In this seminar we explore how biobased materials can be ... on land opens up new industrial growth areas for Norway. Wood, organic waste and other biobased materials...

    Article Tema: Bio- og klima Sept. 26 2022 Streaming
  7. Making sense of cloud and edge computing

    ...cloud computing,edge computing,ITS,video, Working in Norway Should data from sensors, smart devices and ... their own edge services. The 25th of October ITS Norway and Tekna Big Data hosted A BRIEF SEMINAR ON EDGE...

    Article Working in Norway Oct. 25 2018 Streaming
  8. Presentation: Bloodhound Supersonic Car – The need for speed

    >Just how fast can a supersonic car travel ... over land? Bloodhound Supersonic Car,video, Working in Norway Just how fast can a supersonic car travel...

    Article Working in Norway May 31 2018 Streaming
  9. Bioprospecting

    Tekna Biotek hosted this seminar dedicated to the inspiring world of bioprospecting! Get ... ongoing research projects from the capital of Arctic Norway, Tromsø. Bio- og klimabloggen Bioprospecting is...

    Article Bio- og klimabloggen Mar. 15 2021 Streaming
  10. Blue-green infrastructure – Smart and Sustainable

    ...infrastructure,smart,sustainability,video, Working in Norway What is blue-green infrastructure and why ... roofs today, examples of projects in Oslo (and Norway), technical built-up and how has the tecnology...

    Article Working in Norway Mar. 25 2019 Streaming
  11. Photonics enabled by Artificial intelligence, or vice versa?

    Norwegian industry can have a major impact on Norway's economic growth. NORCE Energy & Technology, in ... Their research at UiT The Arctic University of Norway aims to develop an integrated alternative: spectrometers...

    Article IKT-bloggen Dec. 10 2021 Streaming
  12. The Story Behind Coastal Darkening

    The darkening of the Norwegian coast is a new threat to the costal ecosystems. The first "Back ... for early career researchers at CCR, and one of Norway's representatives on the management committee of...

    Article Tema: Bio- og klima Jan. 30 2021 Streaming
  13. Lecture: Philosophy of Leadership

    If you look up an English translation for the Norwegian word ‘leder’, there are often ... decisiveness, courage, in … leader,leadership,video, Working in Norway If you look up an English translation for...

    Article Working in Norway May 15 2018 Streaming