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  1. Salary settlement at the municipal level

    ...and Regional Authorities (KS) Tekna works toward the goal of Norway having the world’s best public sector; ... framework for the settlement for members that is located in chapter 4 (primarily for teachers) is centrally negotiated...

  2. Record growth – Tekna membership passes 100,000

    ...membership growth and has now passed 100,000 members. In the past year alone, it’s gained 10,000 new members ... 100,000 members. – This is a great day for Tekna. In August of 2021, we passed 90,000 members, and already...

    Article Aktuelt Mar. 13 2023
  3. Salary in Norway: 6 things you need to know

    What’s the average salary in Norway? Is there such a thing as a minimum wage? Here’s what to know about ... about Norwegian wages. Working in Norway When it comes to the labour market, Norway is famous for their...

    Article Working in Norway May 18 2022
  4. How is ChatGPT shaping the future of AI?

    ...experiences so far - what works/what doesn't experiences - writing OOP code in Java experiences - writing ... writing chess engine in Java Dervis Mansuroglu Dervis works as a principal officer, mentor, and a manager...

    Article Tema: IKT June 13 2023 Streaming
  5. Joined Tekna when he didn’t get any vacation pay

    ...enjoys is developing new IT products – preferably in start-up companies. When he didn’t get any vacation ... We’re meeting Ali Akhtarzada (40) at his apartment in Oslo’s Grünerløkka district. Having a full head of...

    Article Råd og tips Sept. 15 2022
  6. Employees are getting less and less from organizational value creation

    ...beregningsutvalget) shows higher salary growth in Norway; yet at the same time, consumer buying power is ... A high level of activity in the Norwegian economy, a high level of profit in many companies and a huge...

    Article Aktuelt Mar. 13 2023
  7. Working Overtime While Living Abroad

    ...need to compensate them in accordance with the usual rates for this type of work. overtid på tjenestereise ... tjenestereise overtid Råd og tips In Tekna’s opinion, this perception is in many cases illegal. What do the...

    Article Råd og tips Feb. 21 2021
  8. New record high for IT jobs

    In the past year alone, the number of IT jobs in Tekna professions has increased by 10 percent, the highest ... highest increase since SSB statistics started in 2016. Over the course of just a few months, Tekna member...

    Article Tekna Magasinet Dec. 14 2022
  9. The bottom line: European immigrants have lowest rate of trade union membership

    ...immigrant groups have been taken from Statistics Norway and are based on tax returns where a deduction ... have been obtained for professions in which Tekna members are working, the different groups being listed...

    Article Aktuelt Sept. 3 2021
  10. Egenmelding: What to do if you can’t work because you’re sick/injured

    ...curve ball in the form of a sudden illness or injury that prevents you from being able to work. But knowing ... you calm down and focus on getting better. Working in Norway You wake up on Monday morning feeling terrible...

    Article Working in Norway Nov. 3 2021
  11. Here’s Looking at You, Norway…and Norden

    ...would involve talking about working in Norway. But we’d … Working in Norway Is Oscar Wilde’s phrase about ... during class that would involve talking about working in Norway. But we’d already talked quite a bit about...

    Article Working in Norway Sept. 10 2017
  12. Have you reached retirement age – but still want to keep working?

    ...decide for yourself how long you want to continue working. Below you’ll find the information you need to ... The pension reform has brought about adjustments in the National Insurance Plan’s (Folketrygden) life...

    Article Råd og tips May 13 2022
  13. Highly educated adults are the new trade unionists

    ...immigrant groups have been taken from Statistics Norway and are based on tax returns where a deduction ... have been obtained for professions in which Tekna members are working, the different groups being listed...

    Article Aktuelt Sept. 10 2021
  14. Geologists in second place

    ...increase, coming in at second place after athletes and before street cleaners, who wound up in third place ... high salary increases for certain jobs in the oil and gas industry in the first quarter, which is probably...

    Article Tekna Magasinet June 7 2023
  15. So, You (Think You) Have a Bad Job?

    Are you working in Norway? Sometimes wishing you weren’t? That working life might be better somewhere ... else? On a related note, have you ever gotten a work-related wake-up call at your hairdresser’s? I sure...

    Article Working in Norway Mar. 4 2019
  16. Norway: Happy OL Medal Count = Happy Norwegian Manager?

    OL statistics: Norway now holds a superior lead in the medal count Yes, little Norway, with a population ... winning the 2018 Winter Olympics, or as they … Norway medals OL 2018,Norwegian humor,Norwegian workplace...

    Article Working in Norway Feb. 19 2018
  17. We’re going for more content in English

    Our English webpages, Tekna.no/en , were improved in 2020, along with the rest of tekna.no. There was ... benefits have been translated, while at the same time work is being done to better explain trade unions’ value...

    Article Aktuelt June 1 2021
  18. Difference in monthly salary may exceed NOK 20.000 between Masters and Bachelors

    ...many years you’ll have to study? Or maybe you’re working as an engineer with a BSc and thinking about going ... statistics show that there can be a big difference in pay between having a BSc and an MSc. Information...

    Article Råd og tips Dec. 1 2021
  19. About Tekna

    Tekna ... Master's degree in one of the STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) subjects. They work hard every ... degree professional association in Norway, and the largest union in Akademikerne.

  20. Parental leave in Norway? What you should know

    ...know about paternity and maternity leave. Working in Norway The intent of parental benefits is to provide ... leave, and home with your child or children. In Norway, parental leave is divided into three parts –...

    Article Working in Norway Apr. 27 2022
  21. Want to apply for a remote job? Some tips to get you started

    ...job? Working in Norway That’s great! You surely have your reasons for needing or wanting to work outside ... brought about a lot of changes to everyone working in Norway, including the move for many to ‘hjemmekontor’...

    Article Working in Norway Nov. 16 2020
  22. International work

    Union (IAE) Nordic IN IndustriAll Global Union (IGU) Support for trade unions in Kenya and Uganda Nording ... EUROPE UNI Global Union We’re engaged in international work in several arenas for cooperation and knowledge...

  23. Remote Work

    The term ‘remote work’ is used to describe the work an employee does for an employer that is performed ... for Tekna members to work remotely is in their own homes. They might also work at other places when traveling...

    Article Råd og tips Mar. 1 2021
  24. Working Remotely: Is it your right?

    Do you consider working remotely to be your right? Working in Norway In Norway we work under the ideas ... ideas included in The Norwegian Model. Though when I’ve googled this term, it often comes up as The Nordic...

    Article Working in Norway June 11 2020
  25. Integration at Work: Simply the Best?

    If you’ve lived in Norway for awhile, you’ll be familiar with the funny ad campaigns run by one of the ... the grocery chains here. In the TV ads, some humorous situation is played out in the extreme, yet always...

    Article Working in Norway May 12 2018