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  1. Tips to help you get ready for your next salary review

    ...about being paid too little can damage an employee’s self-image over time. If you’re anxious about an upcoming ... worried that you’ll leave the meeting with weaker self-esteem – disillusioned and with a feeling of being...

    Article Råd og tips Nov. 7 2023
  2. Module 3 – Figure out your strengths

    ...own behavior and action patterns, making you more aware of your strengths and potential weaknesses. There ... time ------------------------------ Multitasker Self-disciplined ------------------------------ Get things...

    Article Råd og tips Apr. 1 2022
  3. Module 1 – What are you good at?

    ...and/or area of expertise. Yet it’s a good idea to be aware of your own competency areas as this will help you ... What are you good at? The idea that you should be aware of your own talents and skills may seem obvious...

    Article Råd og tips Mar. 28 2022
  4. You’re not safe from attacks on your home office – and have to take this stuff seriously!

    ...data on the dark net.. – Do you think people are aware of the dangers, and what they can do to defend themselves ... complete, it’s a good start towards practicing digital self-defense. You have to take this stuff seriously!...

    Article Råd og tips Feb. 24 2022
  5. 2022: Good news: Increased tax deductions for your Tekna dues!

    Marketing and Customer Service. "It’s important to be aware of the fact that you can save a significant amount ... age 62: a 75% discount if the sum of their salary/self-employed income in addition to their pension is...

    Article Aktuelt Feb. 24 2022
  6. What you should know about severance agreements

    ...effective termination date. It is helpful to be aware of the fact that an employer must withhold taxes ... the employee to avoid having to submit a health self-certification, which may be significant if cases...

    Article Råd og tips Feb. 22 2022
  7. 11 things you need to check before signing an employment contract

    ...is a checklist containing points you should be aware of before signing your employment contract. Important ... your employment contract Subject to changes Be aware of wording that gives your employer the right to...

    Article Råd og tips Oct. 15 2021
  8. Are you making these interview mistakes?

    – You won’t get rejected because you were nervous. Råd og tips BE PRESENT IN THE MOMENT: ... humble, but act in a confident manner Show self-awareness and the ability to reflect Take time to think...

    Article Råd og tips Sept. 21 2021
  9. Membership benefits from A-Z

    ...more about the mental health offerings here What: Self-service is usually the simplest option. On your ... bargaining at your workplace. You should also be aware that as a union member of Tekna, you enjoy a number...

    Article Råd og tips Aug. 16 2021
  10. Is this why we all want to work in Norway?

    ...understood here, and it seems that people are very well aware of the positive impact that membership has on their ... you could say that I was recruited in an indirect/self-driven- but-inspired-by-others kind of way. After...

    Article Working in Norway June 9 2021
  11. Minding the Gap of Underemployment

    Halfway through my course on interview technique (in English) last week, I brought up the ... ” communication,interview skills,job search,self-awareness,underemployment, Working in Norway A few minutes...

    Article Working in Norway Apr. 2 2021
  12. Shopping and CV Writing: Can you curb your urge?

    Have you ... track of your buying patterns to become more self-aware, so should you look at your CV writing patterns ... curb your urge and enjoy the results that a little self-control will bring you.

    Article Working in Norway May 26 2019
  13. LinkedIn: Tell the Truth (Please), Part Two

    It happened again. Call me an overly critical, detail-oriented resumé reader, but certain ... language,international workplace,LinkedIn profile,self-awareness, Working in Norway It happened again. Call...

    Article Working in Norway Aug. 28 2017
  14. A Few Thoughts on a Foreigner’s Comfort Zone

    A couple of weeks ago I sat in the audience listening to a professional speaker give a ... communication,international workplace,living abroad,self-awareness, Working in Norway A couple of weeks ago I...

    Article Working in Norway Feb. 25 2017
  15. To Correct or Not to Correct: When Should Native Speakers Speak Up?

    ...point they will start to feel just a tiny bit of self-confidence that might just turn into pride, causing ... case, as they pointed out that while they were aware of this polite cultural gene, as it were, it was...

    Article Working in Norway June 9 2016