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  1. A0e + A0Se combined course

    44851 A0e + A0Se combined course In November, there will be arranged a combined A0 and A0S-course ... personal data and practice is sent to the course leader Stine Stokkeland at the latest when the course

    Course Nov. 10–11
  2. Lecture: Philosophy of Leadership

    ...there are often two words that come up: manager and leader. While the first word seems limited to the private ... courage, in … Karin Lee Lecture: Philosophy of Leadership leader,leadership,video, Working in Norway If you...

    Article Working in Norway May 15 2018 Streaming
  3. New record high for IT jobs

    Over the course of a few short months, the IT firm Shapemaker’s gone from two to ten employees. ... had the highest percentage of growth followed by leaders in oil and gas extraction. Below you can see an...

    Article Tekna Magasinet Dec. 14 2022
  4. Integrating in Norway: Why you should join a volunteer board

    ...discussing. Good leader luck If you’re lucky, you’ll get with a group whose director (or ‘leader’, directly ... do try to say something vaguely sensible). Bad leader luck Or you might be unlucky and not have someone...

    Article Working in Norway Dec. 21 2017
  5. Thoughts on Working While Walking an Indian Trail

    ...definitions: ‘Cochise’ [kå-chiz]: famous Apache Indian leader…‘Stronghold’: fortress So when I got to the parking ... is reputed to have been a master strategist and leader who was never conquered in battle. He died peacefully...

    Article Working in Norway Mar. 11 2019
  6. Is your CV missing this information?

    HAVE YOUR CV READY: Mette Meinert says it’s important to get your CV ready as soon as possible. ... you have experience with communication or being a leader of a student organization, or have done other things...

    Article Råd og tips Dec. 17 2021
  7. Opinions

    Tekna's opinions and policies Policies Tekna works actively through the media and directly ... growing rapidly, and Norway should aim to become a leader in this market. Industrial policy (in norwegian)...

  8. International work

    IAE’s Executive Committee who, in cooperation with leaders from the other member organizations, adopt important ... Nordic engineering organizations. The network’s leadership gathers at Nording’s annual meeting to discuss...

  9. Looking for work?

    Looking for work? - Tekna is here to help you! Legal aid is only one of the ways we can ... restructuring processes, your local Tekna group leader represents you in any negotiations with your employer...

    Article May 6 2015
  10. Conference Speakers: Do they ever learn?

    There is an old phrase in English that warns against what can happen when people gain too much ... by the presentations given by various industry leaders at a conference I recently attended, I would alter...

    Article Working in Norway Jan. 28 2016
  11. The return of the technologists to senior management

    The return of the technologists to senior management The proportion of engineers holding senior ... that period, engineers were the obvious choice as leaders of industrial corporations. With the growth of...

    Article Nov. 2 2017
  12. Networking Nerves 2: Another Tip Included

    About a month ago I gave a piece of advice regarding how to start a conversation when out on ... ranging from creative thinkers to top industrial leaders to the prime minister. There will be hundreds of...

    Article Working in Norway Jan. 20 2017
  13. Leadership and development

    Our professional network – Tekna Self-Employed Tekna Self-Employed is a network for members ... text to 2007 using the code word EGENBEDRIFT. Leadership and development Tekna partners with you to increase...