Legal aid is only one of the ways we can help members looking for work due to downsizing, restructuring, layoffs or termination.

Legal aid

During workplace restructuring processes, your local Tekna group leader represents you in any negotiations with your employer. Tekna also has a telephone hotline where you can get answers to any questions concerning your legal rights.
Contact Tekna’s Legal Department
Read about your rights in the event of termination

Unemployment aid

Tekna provides various types of aid for unemployed members, including reduction of membership dues, and salary guarantees in the event of bankruptcy. 

Contact Tekna’s Legal Department

Job search aid

If you are a member, Tekna can read and give advice on your application letter and CV. Please send these to [email protected]

Useful courses

Tekna provide several courses that may be useful to you during your job search. Please look at the webpages of your local branch in order to find free courses offered to members.
Tekna’s local branches (in Norwegian)

Professional services

Tekna provide members with several professional meeting places and networks that can help them discover new job opportunities and make new contacts. 
Professional groups and networks in Tekna

Meeting place

Tekna has developed a unique type of service for job-seeking members living in the Stavanger region. Members can receive advisement and participate in informative talks and workshops, relevant to their professional needs (start-up 21 May).
Please contact our District Office in Rogaland [email protected], telephone 51 83 24 18 for more information.

Financial advice?

Contact your bank as soon as possible if you are at risk of having your income level reduced, as the banking staff will normally help you work out reasonable payment options.

Register with NAV (Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration)

Should you be affected by downsizing or are in danger of losing your job, you should contact NAV as soon as possible; staff members will advise you with regard to your legal rights as well as help you find new employment.
Register with NAV 

Start your own business?

Tekna Self-Employed is a professional group for anyone interested in starting their own business. One of the services provided by this group is mentoring of new business owners.
Tekna Self-Employed (in Norwegian)

Other services?

If there are any other job seeker services you need and think that Tekna should provide, please contact us at [email protected].

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Modified date: Monday, February 26, 2024