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  1. Jobseeking – Interview Greeting

    Interview Meet and Greet: What’s In a ... (Correctly Pronounced) Name? dilemma,interview,jobseeking,name pronounciation, Working in Norway What’s...

    Article Working in Norway Apr. 1 2021
  2. CV Writing: Don’t Just Be Responsible, Be Active

    ...last job? cv writing,international workplace,jobseeking, Working in Norway It happened once again – the ... responsible for the same tasks. Instead, these jobseekers needed to write briefly what they had actually...

    Article Working in Norway Apr. 10 2021
  3. Lost in (Cyber) Space?: Sending Your Application Into the Webcruiter Black Hole

    ...wandered to both 1960s American folk music and what jobseeking was like in the past, at least when it came to ... process which I have gotten the impression that no jobseeker really likes is the use of software to do so.

    Article Working in Norway Sept. 15 2016
  4. Don’t Buzz: How to Avoid Using the Overused When Writing Your CV

    ...intercultural communication,international workplace,jobseeking,LinkedIn profile, Working in Norway The old phrase ... the number one spot last year of being used in jobseekers’ CVs and LinkedIn profiles, the word ‘motivated’...

    Article Working in Norway Apr. 13 2021
  5. Application Letter Writing: A Little (List) Goes a Long Way

    In my most recent blog post, I wrote about how job-seekers need to use active verbs in their ... English writing skills,international workplace,jobseeking, Working in Norway In my most recent blog post...

    Article Working in Norway Apr. 11 2021
  6. When Just Being Nice Won’t Cut It: Why You Need Interview Adjectives/Examples

    Does anybody actually enjoy being interviewed? Sitting in the hot seat being grilled ... found…acceptable? …wanting? interview,interview skills,jobseeking, Working in Norway Probably not, which is why...

    Article Working in Norway Apr. 9 2021
  7. LinkedIn: Tell the Truth (Please), Part Two

    ...took place when I was recently proofreading a jobseeker’s resumé, much of which was to be included in their ... me to say. But whatever the truth may be, this jobseeker will have to live with the consequences of their...

    Article Working in Norway Aug. 28 2017
  8. Is your CV missing this information?

    It’s not just showing where you’ve worked that’s important in a CV. Including a paragraph ... create a CV and write a cover letter. We have a jobseeker site with tons of useful information, too. You’ll...

    Article Råd og tips Dec. 17 2021
  9. Interview Poker: The Danger of Keeping Your Cards (Too) Close to Your Chest

    ...something resembling an interrogation of the jobseeker by the employer. While a job interview should ... something resembling an interrogation of the jobseeker by the employer. communication,intercultural communication...

    Article Working in Norway Apr. 4 2021
  10. No, Really: Why Didn’t I Get the Job? Foreign Speakers’ Need to Be in the Interview Feedback Loop

    Recently, I posted an article about our need to find out why we didn’t get a job offer after ... calls the ‘weak feedback loops’ that exist for jobseekers today. In a perfect post-interview world, she...

    Article Working in Norway Dec. 16 2016
  11. Older Job Seekers: The Painful Need to Leave Your Past Behind

    Since we’re so often told that all of our previous life experiences have formed us into the ... HR managers looking through digital stacks of jobseekers’ life stories just don’t have time to read theirs...

    Article Working in Norway Apr. 12 2021
  12. CV Writing: Giving up before you even start?

    After spending as much time proofreading CVs as I have, I can write with certainty that people ... two completely different documents sent in by jobseekers looking for work in the same field. It was their...

    Article Working in Norway May 11 2019