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  1. Networking Nerves: Is the Tip Included?

    In the interest of following the current trend of writing advice in the form of tip ... communication skills,intercultural communication,international workplace,networking skills, Working in Norway In...

    Article Working in Norway Dec. 13 2016
  2. “Why Do You Want the Job?”: Your Words Lost and Found

    How do you answer this question when you just can’t find the words? Yesterday as I was scrolling ... writing skills,English language skills,international workplace,job search,job seeking, Working in Norway...

    Article Working in Norway Mar. 5 2017
  3. Changing jobs makes sense

    ...effects can be large and long-lasting for the workplace environment, because it is often difficult to ... Employers will want to avoid major differences internally between employees working at the same level of...

    Article Råd og tips Jan. 7 2024
  4. Working in Norway: “Do Norwegians Like Foreigners?”

    This surprise question left this particular course instructor at a momentary loss for words, and ... making up … intercultural communication,international workplace,internationalization,living in Norway,...

    Article Working in Norway Feb. 11 2017
  5. Networking Nerves 2: Another Tip Included

    About a month ago I gave a piece of advice regarding how to start a conversation ... communication skills,intercultural communication,international workplace,networking, Working in Norway About a month...

    Article Working in Norway Jan. 20 2017
  6. Understanding the Underground: Why Foreign Speakers Sometimes Can’t Stop Speaking

    “But do you know what: I am convinced that we underground folk ought to be kept on ... communication skills,intercultural communication,international workplace, Working in Norway “But do you know what:...

    Article Working in Norway Jan. 4 2017
  7. A Few Thoughts on a Foreigner’s Comfort Zone

    A couple of weeks ago I sat in the audience listening to a professional speaker give a short ... integration,intercultural communication,international workplace,living abroad,self-awareness, Working in...

    Article Working in Norway Feb. 25 2017
  8. ‘Why didn’t I get the job?’: Playing the Sympathy Card

    My recent article about not getting the first job I ever interviewed for in Norway triggered ... foreign language,intercultural communication,international workplace,internationalization,interview skills,...

    Article Working in Norway Apr. 8 2021
  9. Interview Poker: The Danger of Keeping Your Cards (Too) Close to Your Chest

    While a job interview should be a lively, interesting conversation between two professionals ... communication,intercultural communication,international workplace,interview skills, Working in Norway This...

    Article Working in Norway Apr. 4 2021
  10. But It’s Not My Fault: Business E-Mail Etiquette When Your Sender Can’t Write Right

    ...language on the job (topic for another blog post: international companies making English a working language ... go as regards e-mail etiquette in the global workplace, protecting feelings and getting important messages...

    Article Working in Norway May 30 2016
  11. ‘Why didn’t I get the job?’: Our Need for Post-Interview Answers

    Even though it took place a good many years ago, I still remember my first interview in Norway. ... the job you really want is yours. career,international workplace,interview skills, Working in Norway Even...

    Article Working in Norway Apr. 7 2021
  12. Salary

    ...organizations provide full pay in accordance with internal schemes or collectivebargaining agreements. State ... equivalent to the time period they were present in the workplace. If a salary remains unpaid If an employer cannot...

    Article Råd og tips Dec. 19 2022
  13. Tekna members' guide to a residence permit for work in Norway

    ...permit is valid, unless you are employed by an international company and citizen of WTO country. The permit ... must be employed by a foreign enterprise or an international company. A contract must have been entered into...

    Article Oct. 8 2014
  14. Reorganization and downsizing

    ...arbeidsgiver Råd og tips When changes are made to a workplace that affect employees, there are several requirements ... a change in market forces, need to restructure internal work tasks, new areas of investment, reassigning...

    Article Råd og tips Aug. 16 2023