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  1. Say What? Foreign Language Anxiety in the Global Workplace

    The only thing worse than not understanding someone else when they’re speaking is having ... years as an engineer in one of the region’s large global offshore industry, many of whose official ‘working...

    Article Working in Norway Feb. 3 2016
  2. Shipping and the Maritime Market during Disruptive Times

    as the backbone of international trade and the global economy, as it carries over 80% of the volume of ... collaboration to ensure seamless operations and global sustainability. Yet, this industry is probably

    Course June 6 18:00–19:30
  3. Infrastruktur 2024

    44868 Infrastruktur 2024 Infrastruktur 2024 gir deg siste nytt og fersk innsikt fra det ... som støtter bærekraftig vekst og bidrar til å nå globale klima- og miljømål. Våre fageksperter deler velvillig

    Conference Sept. 18 09:00–17:00
  4. Fremtidens havbruksnæring - hvordan jobbe sammen for å redusere dødeligheten?

    47787 Fremtidens havbruksnæring - hvordan jobbe sammen for å redusere dødeligheten? ... verdier. Å gå fra å være en liten næring til å bli en global industri kommer ikke uten voksesmerter. Lansering

    Course Streaming June 11 11:00–13:00
  5. EUs EIC Accelerator finansiering for oppstartsbedrifter og SMBer

    47167 EUs EIC Accelerator finansiering for oppstartsbedrifter og SMBer Innovasjon Norge og ... til å løse ett eller flere av FNs bærekrafts mål/globale samfunnsutfordringer. Det gis prioritet til "deep

    Course Streaming June 12 12:00–13:30
  6. Tekna Researchers

    By joining the network, you get: Professional development and community within topics such ... important for future value creation, and for meeting global challenges. Universities and colleges must have...

  7. Tekna Biodiversity

    By joining the network, you get: Are you committed to preserving the diversity of ... biodiversity is an increasing problem and will have major global consequences. Tekna Biodiversity aims to be a forum...

  8. Integration as International Business: Are you the buyer or the seller?

    When I was teaching at a regional business school several years ago, we used a book called ... the buyer.” So during a recent session of … globalization,integration in Norway,integration tips,intercultural...

    Article Working in Norway Jan. 6 2018
  9. International Congress: United for a just future

    ...than 100 countries participated when IndustriALL Global Union conducted its 3rd Congress mid-September ... all over the world met to debate and decide on global matters. IndustriALL’s 3rd Congress was originally...

    Article Aktuelt Sept. 24 2021
  10. Integration in Norway: Find Your Tribe

    We were talking this week about what different people – in this case non-Norwegians attending ... okay to hang around with people from your … globalization,integration in Norway,international workplace...

    Article Working in Norway Nov. 10 2017
  11. Tekna has signed a new agreement on banking services with Handelsbanken

    Today, Tekna signed a new agreement on banking services for its 102,000 members. - I am very pleased ... known for being a solid bank and was ranked by Global Finance in 2022 as Europe’s most solid and the...

    Article Aktuelt Sept. 19 2023
  12. International work

    European Trade Union (IAE) Nordic IN IndustriAll Global Union (IGU) Support for trade unions in Kenya and ... and Uganda Nording ENGINEERS EUROPE UNI Global Union We’re engaged in international work in several arenas...

  13. Competitive Conversation: Fighting the Phone

    What is it with people and their phones? Picture the scene: You’re at a big work-related ... that will go with your … communication skills,globalization,intercultural communication issues,international...

    Article Working in Norway Feb. 12 2018
  14. Tell me: What’s the short version of your (working) life?

    Have you ever thought about practicing how to tell someone about what you do at work? ... be aware that when … English speaking skills,globalization,intercultural communication,international workplace...

    Article Working in Norway Oct. 15 2017
  15. COP26: What Will It Mean for Climate Change?

    ...strongly committed to achieving the goal of limiting global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius, although ... Dr Peters has played an important role in the Global Carbon Budget in the last ten years, coordinating...

    Article Tema: Bio- og klima Feb. 23 2022 Streaming
  16. I have a PhD - now what?

    March 25 at 12PM Are you a PhD candidate or considering becoming one? Are you curious about what career options ... Akademiet for yngre forskere Claire Mount Lund, Global Product Manager, Thermo Fisher...

    Article Forskningsbloggen Mar. 25 2021 Streaming
  17. Data driven climate insight

    How may data and intelligence enhance our understanding of our climate? In this online ... Head of Agriculture at IBM EMEA: GRAF – changing global weather forecasting using big data and a new supercomputer...

    Article IKT-bloggen Jan. 19 2021 Streaming
  18. Renewable energy and enegry storage in marine and offshore industry

    From 14.th of April 2021 Maritime transport with almost 1 billion tonnes of CO2 ... annual emission is responsible for about 2.5% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Energibloggen According...

    Article Energibloggen Apr. 19 2021 Streaming
  19. Digital spare parts supply in the energy sector

    Sourcing spare parts digitally holds the potential of reducing total cost of ownership and ecological ... parts just-in-case or being dependent on fragile global supply chains, parts can be sourced on demand –...

    Article Energibloggen Sept. 15 2021 Streaming
  20. Want to apply for a remote job? Some tips to get you started

    Do you want to apply for a ‘remote only’ job? Working in Norway That’s great! You surely ... postings are ‘spiking, surging and skyrocketing’ on a global basis. If you’d like to apply for the new remote...

    Article Working in Norway Nov. 16 2020
  21. Less is More: Business E-Mail Insecurity Issues

    A surprisingly large ... about one aspect of an everyday activity in the global workplace that I hadn’t thought of before, but ... English has become. Other blogposts regarding the “Global Workplace”.

    Article Working in Norway May 22 2016
  22. To Correct or Not to Correct: When Should Native Speakers Speak Up?

    Foreign language learners in the global workplace make spoken and written errors in their new language ... Working in Norway Foreign language learners in the global workplace make spoken and written errors in their...

    Article Working in Norway June 9 2016
  23. How to Break My Language Barrier

    Castle? Over the course of a regular workday in the global workplace, several small and seemingly insignificant ... Castle? Over the course of a regular workday in the global workplace, several small and seemingly insignificant...

    Article Working in Norway Feb. 23 2016
  24. What Not to Say to a Foreigner

    Don’t make fun of a co-worker’s accent! In the global workplace, there are a lot of people speaking a ... I won’t be stopped. As I hope all others in the global workplace will do as well. And be truly listened...

    Article Working in Norway Apr. 6 2016
  25. Joined Tekna when he didn’t get any vacation pay

    While Ali Akhtarzada’s CV lists jobs as both an arts journalist and bar owner, what he most ... International Game Developers Association (IGDA), a global non-profit organization for anyone who wants to...

    Article Råd og tips Sept. 15 2022