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  1. Integration as International Business: Are you the buyer or the seller?

    When I was teaching at a regional business school several years ago, we used a book ... recent session of … globalization,integration in Norway,integration tips,intercultural commnication,international...

    Article Working in Norway Jan. 6 2018
  2. Integration in Norway: Mimicking or mocking a foreign accent?

    Was I a victim of prejudicial accent bullying? Or am I being overly sensitive and over the top ... my office neighbors. Showing … integration in Norway,integration tips,intercultural communication,living...

    Article Working in Norway Feb. 1 2018
  3. Living Abroad and Leaving Your Own Behind (in Your New Country)

    ...of my being there was to give my audience members tips on how to best adjust to living in Norway. These ... These recently arrived residents … assimilation,integration, Working in Norway It’s interesting to observe...

    Article Working in Norway Jan. 12 2016
  4. Social media and employers

    ...sosiale medier,sosiale medier arbeidstid Råd og tips Statements made on social media may either be publicly ... In this situation an employee’s personal and integrity protections state that an employer can’t normally...

    Article Råd og tips Feb. 24 2021
  5. Free training courses for Tekna members

    ...credits while increasing your skill level. Råd og tips The changing workforce requires us to keep ourselves ... Planning (SHOP) (NTNU Videre)(2.5 study points) Integration of New Energy Sources and Components with Converters...

    Article Råd og tips Jan. 27 2022
  6. Why join a trade union today?

    ...granted, declares Katrine Olsson in Tekna. Råd og tips She thinks that more people should join a trade ... Several collective agreements have become so integrated in working life that it’s easy to forget that...

    Article Råd og tips Apr. 19 2021
  7. Podcast: Working in Norway - A Beginner's Guide

    ...celebrate. Sondre [12:26 - 12:37] Do you have any tips for people who want to create a network in Norway ... learning the language, it causes to have more integrity to the society, learn about the culture. [13:00...

    Article Working in Norway May 25 2023 Podcast