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  1. Integration: What does it mean to you?

    ...at on integrating? At a recent course on intercultural communication, the topic of integration was quickly ... board before starting class: What does getting … integration,intercultural communicaiton,international workplace...

    Article Working in Norway Nov. 17 2017
  2. Integration at Work: Simply the Best?

    ...is often the best.” This phrase could apply … integration in Norway,intercultural communication issues ... of what their group could do to promote integration at work. Which wasn’t easy for them, by the way –...

    Article Working in Norway May 12 2018
  3. Integration in Norway: Find Your Tribe

    Communication at Work course – think about the term ‘integration’. What did it really mean to them? A woman raised ... around with people from your … globalization,integration in Norway,international workplace,internationalization...

    Article Working in Norway Nov. 10 2017
  4. Integration: How to Move to Norway

    ...getting off the plane at the Oslo airport for … integration in Norway,intercultural communication,intercultural ... more about ____?’ It’s an easy way to start integrating, right? Yet you’d be surprised how many don’t...

    Article Working in Norway Jan. 12 2018
  5. What Does Integration Mean to You?

    ...their workplace. It makes me think of the term integration, a word that’s always been relevant but has been ... readers/viewers in recent times. So what do you do to integrate yourself? What should you do, if anything, to...

    Article Working in Norway Mar. 11 2017
  6. Integration in Norway: Mimicking or mocking a foreign accent?

    Was I a victim of prejudicial accent bullying? Or am I being overly sensitive and over the ... of my office neighbors. Showing … integration in Norway,integration tips,intercultural communication,living...

    Article Working in Norway Feb. 1 2018
  7. Integration: It’s Okay to Talk Your Talk

    When you’re trying to become integrated in your new country, you get other people’s different ideas about ... Working in Norway When you’re trying to become integrated in your new country, you get other people’s different...

    Article Working in Norway Apr. 30 2017
  8. Integration as International Business: Are you the buyer or the seller?

    When I was teaching at a regional business school several years ago, we used a book ... recent session of … globalization,integration in Norway,integration tips,intercultural commnication,international...

    Article Working in Norway Jan. 6 2018
  9. Production Chemistry 2025

    47675 Production Chemistry 2025 The international conference for proffesionals working with chemistry ... institutions have continual interaction and integration, including different disciplines and industry

    Conference Mar. 25–28 2025
  10. Integrating in Norway: Why you should join a volunteer board

    One of the fastest ways to integrate yourself in society here is to join a volunteer board. I didn’t ... silly doing so time … intecultural communication,integration,living in Norway,Norwegian language,Norwegian...

    Article Working in Norway Dec. 21 2017
  11. XXVth Nordic Concrete Federation Symposium 2025

    47464 XXVth Nordic Concrete Federation Symposium 2025 Nordic Concrete Federation (NCF) welcomes ... Access journal Nordic Concrete Research (NCR) is an integral part of the Nordic Concrete Federation. The NCR

    Conference Aug. 19–22 2025
  12. Nordic+ webinar: The future of Maritime ITS and next steps

    47588 Nordic+ webinar: The future of Maritime ITS and next steps Join us for the launch of the ... The ITS community is committed to promoting an integrated intelligent transport system across all modes

    Course May 24 13:00–14:30
  13. First Impressions and Foreigners: Which Language Should You Speak?

    ...comment that generated the session’s most lively … integration in Norway,intercultural communication,international ... been living here for awhile and trying to become integrated by learning the language. Buttons had been pushed...

    Article Working in Norway Sept. 17 2017
  14. Living Abroad and Leaving Your Own Behind (in Your New Country)

    These recently arrived residents … assimilation,integration, Working in Norway It’s interesting to observe ... the words appearing on the screen: “What is integration? What is assimilation?” with the following tips:...

    Article Working in Norway Jan. 12 2016
  15. Free training courses for Tekna members

    Tekna is actively involved in developing several industry-specific programs for raising ... Planning (SHOP) (NTNU Videre)(2.5 study points) Integration of New Energy Sources and Components with Converters...

    Article Råd og tips Jan. 27 2022
  16. Photonics enabled by Artificial intelligence, or vice versa?

    Professor Balpreet Singh Ahluwalia, UiT Photonic integrated circuits for high-precision trace gas spectroscopy ... Arctic University of Norway aims to develop an integrated alternative: spectrometers realized on photonic...

    Article IKT-bloggen Dec. 10 2021 Streaming
  17. When Rude Isn’t Rude: Norway Scores Third Person Shutout

    A shutout (US) is a game in which one team prevents the other from scoring any ... will: ‘…understand Norwegian culture, behavior … integration,intercultural communication,intercultural misunderstanding...

    Article Working in Norway Oct. 27 2017
  18. A Few Thoughts on a Foreigner’s Comfort Zone

    A couple of weeks ago I sat in the audience listening to a professional speaker give a ... the smaller scale – changing a … assimilation,integration,intercultural communication,international workplace...

    Article Working in Norway Feb. 25 2017
  19. Changes to home office laws finally passed

    ...or at the office, says Grøvik. Got nowhere on integrative bargaining In situations where work takes place ... law to include an explicit right to conduct integrative bargaining on this point, our request didn’t...

    Article Aktuelt Apr. 6 2022
  20. Social media and employers

    Two out of three of us are on social media every single day. Posts are published quickly and ... In this situation an employee’s personal and integrity protections state that an employer can’t normally...

    Article Råd og tips Feb. 24 2021
  21. Ethics

    Tekna's Code of Ethics Tekna's vision statement and values Tekna's vision statement ... best effort to help your community: Act with integrity and transparency Show respect for human dignity...

  22. To Correct or Not to Correct: When Should Native Speakers Speak Up?

    ...language in order to get a true sense of being integrated and therefore belonging; this is a powerful feeling ... they’re out there doing their thing to become integrated – and that there are a lot of people around who...

    Article Working in Norway June 9 2016
  23. Opinions

    Tekna's opinions and policies Tekna works actively through the media and directly with the ... Salary and benefits policy Salary should be an integral part of human resources policy . An employee’s...

  24. Why join a trade union today?

    Over 50 percent av Norwegian employees are members of a trade union. – Many people take several ... Several collective agreements have become so integrated in working life that it’s easy to forget that...

    Article Råd og tips Apr. 19 2021
  25. Is this why we all want to work in Norway?

    A high number of foreign nationals work in Norway and a high number of foreign nationals want ... in Austria where there is one big union deeply integrated into the political system and supporting the...

    Article Working in Norway June 9 2021