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Illustrasjonsbilde av mange hender som gir sine lønnslip til en mann som sitter ved en datamaskin
REMEMBER TO SEND IN YOUR CURRENT SALARY: It’s very important that you send in your current salary because it’ll give us good cards to play at next year’s salary negotiations. Photo: Mikkel Moe


If you do the following this fall, we’ll have a better chance of increasing your salary next year

Published: Nov. 16 2020

– The more replies we get, the better we’ll be able to negotiate.

What are your fellow graduates earning? What are others working in the same branch as you earning? You’ll find out the answers to these questions every single year in Tekna’s salary survey.

This year, some people will get a good raise while others will get nothing, and still others might even have their salaries reduced.  

This article has been written to tell you how important it is that you send in your current salary this year – no matter what.

We need to create statistics that are as high-quality and correct as possible

For several years, we’ve had a high response rate, and our statistics are considered to be solid. It’s important that this continues. The market swings back and forth – although we’ve been seeing leaner years in some branches, we know there are better times ahead. Even now, we’re seeing that some organizations are seeing record-high revenues while others have been having a rough go of it. It’s important that our data reflects these fluctuations.  

– Statistics are one of the most important tools for evaluating and negotiating salaries for our representatives and members. It’s important that we maintain a high response rate so that it’ll continue to be regarded as a solid statistical tool out in the marketplace – including in years to come, says Katrine Olsson, Tekna advisor.

Credibility is one of our most important negotiation points.

Credibility is one of our most important negotiation points. The fact that Tekna’s salary statistics reflect the market – even in uncertain times – is decisive for having our negotiating counterparts trust our numbers.

If you take the salary survey, you’ll help create the best possible salary statistics for Tekna members. In return, it’ll give you a good foundation for learning your own market value. The statistics are only as solid as the answers we receive – and we’re dependent on having as many members as possible take it. Only then will these statistics be a useful tool for both you and your representatives.

No raise or only a slight increase?

To repeat, these statistics will be used next year – and in years to come. If a high number of Tekna members haven’t been given any raise this year, it shows the high price they’re paying during troubled times, and will be an argument used in next year’s negotiations. The country’s financial situation is starting to look a bit brighter, so it’s essential to position ourselves with regard to salary negotiations in 2021.  

 – It’s important that everybody responds, even if they’ve gotten only a slight or no raise this year. Salary growth is something you have to look at over time, and our representatives work strategically to improve members’ salary development. Having credibility and solid data is one of their most important negotiating points, says Olsson

– There are a lot of organizations that are doing better now, and the country’s difficult financial situation is starting to improve. This means there’s now an opportunity for reaching a better wage settlement next year – even though it was lean this year. We’ll help you out with this, she adds. 

This year, the national wage settlement has been delayed – so it can take awhile  before you find out what kind of salary adjustment you’ll be getting. Tekna will send out its salary survey soon after you get this year’s results. The exact date is still uncertain – but be ready when we send you the survey sometime this fall! Do you want to see the numbers from last year’s survey? You’ll find the members salary statistics here.

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