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  1. Restricting companies’ rights to hire temporary employees

    9:00 -15:00. Requirements for hiring temporary employees from staffing agencies will be tightened starting ... adopted new regulations for hiring temporary employees from staffing agencies. Starting on 1 April, the...

    Article Aktuelt Mar. 13 2023
  2. Salary and employee rights

    ...assistance +47 22 94 75 00 (Mon-Fri 09:00-14:30) Rights at work We can help you with everything from employment ... guide you on everything from inheritance, purchase right, cohabitation contract to establishing your own...

  3. Intellectual property rights (IPR) - employees

    ...also for more detailed guidance on the transfer of rights in employment relationships, notification of inventions ... for employees’ inventions. Tel 22 94 75 00 E-mail juridisk@tekna.no Intellectual property rights (IPR)...

    Article Mar. 13 2015
  4. – Most employees aren’t entitled to negotiate their own salary

    ...salary. – From a legal perspective, while most employees aren’t entitled to negotiate their own salary ... bargaining agreement maintain a dialogue with their employees about salary levels. They do this even if they’re...

    Article Råd og tips Jan. 9 2023
  5. Can my employer refuse to give me overtime pay?

    ...so-called “particularly independent position” with no right to receive overtime pay. Råd og tips «Thomas» sends ... department, asking if an employer has the right to deny their employees overtime pay. Tekna`s attorney Synne...

    Article Råd og tips Sept. 15 2022
  6. Intellectual property rights (IPR)

    Almost all enterprises have intellectual property rights, whether in the form of business secrets, know-how ... or domain names. These rights are often established on the basis of the employees’ performance. In such...

    Article Råd og tips Oct. 31 2022
  7. Work-Life balance in Norway: Three things you should know

    ...strong trade union culture present, and workers’ rights are frequently discussed both inside and outside ... employers endeavour to create a workplace where employees are included and heard. There are of course exceptions...

    Article Working in Norway Dec. 20 2022
  8. Termination of employment relationship in the private and municipal sectors

    ...ends when one of the parties resigns; or, if an employee breaches their contract, it can lead to dismissal ... involved. So it’s important for employees to be aware of their rights if they find themselves in this...

    Article Råd og tips Feb. 27 2021
  9. Employment law

    ...after which employers determine the individual employee’s salary based on the agreed criteria. Tekna offers ... contractual document you have that regulates the rights and duties shared by both you and your employer...

  10. Record growth – Tekna membership passes 100,000

    ...about the right to be given a permanent position, increased hiring of temporary workers, rights connected ... connected with downsizing as well as the right to get overtime pay and/or equal pay. At the same time, perhaps...

    Article Aktuelt Mar. 13 2023
  11. Remote Work

    ‘remote work’ is used to describe the work an employee does for an employer that is performed at a different ... employers and employees. This includes a separate regulation on work that’s performed in the employee’s home.

    Article Råd og tips Mar. 1 2021
  12. What you should know about severance agreements

    What is a severance agreement? An employer and employee often enter into a severance agreement is when ... on which both parties have agreed before the employee’s termination date and which is binding for both...

    Article Råd og tips Feb. 22 2022
  13. Must secure rights for working remotely

    Tekna’s president is encouraging employees to secure their rights to work remotely. Aktuelt While Tekna ... that we insist on employees getting written contracts in place that secure their rights in connection with...

    Article Aktuelt Oct. 6 2021
  14. Changes to home office laws finally passed

    Flexibility’s becoming increasingly important to many employees, states Tekna President Lars Olav Grøvik. Aktuelt ... that these regulations don’t call into question employees’ current salary and working conditions. For example...

    Article Aktuelt Apr. 6 2022
  15. Written notice

    ...available to them if they wish to correct an employee’s unwanted/unregulated behavior. skriftlig advarsel ... employer that if the situation about which the employee is being informed doesn’t change or improve, he/she...

    Article Råd og tips Mar. 1 2021
  16. Trial Periods

    ...period during which an employer evaluates an employee’s suitability for a job as well as their professional ... notice period can also be advantageous for an employee because they can give notice quickly if they don’t...

    Article Råd og tips Feb. 23 2021
  17. Check out these 5 points before signing a contract

    ...employment rights. These include workplace conflicts, termination, questions about rights and responsibilities ... reviewing members’ employment contracts. – After an employee has signed their contract, only contractual terms...

    Article Aktuelt Dec. 17 2021
  18. Here’s how Tekna can help you at your next salary negotiation

    Tekna’s wage policy says that members must have the right to negotiate freely and that it’s best to negotiate ... by the management based on criteria including employees’ levels of competency, educational and responsibility...

    Article Råd og tips May 3 2023
  19. Salary in Norway: 6 things you need to know

    ...famous for their trade unions, favourable workers’ rights, and perhaps mostly, high salaries. Yet, there ... typically agreed upon between the employer and the employee as part of their written contract. Your wages...

    Article Working in Norway May 18 2022
  20. Travel time is work time

    ...to the law, work time is defined as the time an employee is at their employer’s disposal. One of the case’s ... work shows that it consists of three parts: The employee must be working or at work The ruling specifies...

    Article Råd og tips Mar. 28 2022
  21. Leading and particularly independent positions

    “particularly independent” regarding specific jobs or employees. In the following article we’ll explain what the ... are for this position and what they mean for your rights. særlig uavhengig stilling,særlig uavhengig,ledende...

    Article Råd og tips Feb. 22 2021
  22. Salary

    ...tips What’s included Salary is the payment an employee receives from an employer for work they’ve performed ... is comprised of a monthly gross salary x 12. An employee is also entitled to overtime pay when he/she is...

    Article Råd og tips Dec. 19 2022
  23. Leave of absence

    You have the right as an employee to take leave from work for a certain period of time. The most common ... are 1) parental leave and 2) education leave. An employee can choose to take either paid or unpaid leave...

    Article Råd og tips Feb. 22 2021
  24. Why join a trade union today?

    Over 50 percent av Norwegian employees are members of a trade union. – Many people take several of the ... member-bases; at the same time, an individual employee has a stronger voice through being part of a union...

    Article Råd og tips Apr. 19 2021
  25. Non-Competition Clauses

    ...relationship which places limitations on what an employee can do both during this relationship and after ... there’s a point of agreement stating that an employee can’t work for any competitors for a period of...

    Article Råd og tips Feb. 28 2021