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  1. Employees are getting less and less from organizational value creation

    ...already know: A high level of activity in the Norwegian economy, a high level of profit in many companies ... Anders Kvam. Read the press release here (In Norwegian only) Recent salary statistics from Statistics...

    Article Aktuelt Mar. 13 2023
  2. How is blockchain being used today?

    ...the presentations are both in English and in Norwegian. Bitcoin - Digitiale kontanter med absolutt knapphet ... Magnus Jones, Blokkjede- og Innovasjonsleder i EY Norwegian seafood trust, blockchain traceability from fjord...

    Article Tema: IKT Nov. 3 2022 Streaming
  3. The circular economy: Biomaterials and biorefining

    LIVE 26.th of September at 9:00AM The circular economy: Biomaterials and biorefining In this seminar we ... investor perspective. Middle Tema: Bio- og klima Norwegian salmon exports is targeted for a 5x increase within...

    Article Tema: Bio- og klima Sept. 26 2022 Streaming
  4. Strong salary growth for scientists and technologists

    ...members’ salary growth has been good this year. The economy has stabilized, and there’s a great demand for ... salary increases have been good this year. The economy has stabilized, and there’s a great demand out...

    Article Aktuelt Dec. 7 2021
  5. Tekna Biotechnologists

    Biotechnology is also important for creating a circular economy. Join the network Member is both cost-free and ... Biotek organizes professional events in all major Norwegian cities. We get engaged in issues that are important...

  6. North Sea Decommissioning: Norway’s New Oil Adventure?

    ...decommissioning,Norwegian economy,Norwegian oil industry,Norwegian workplace,the norwegian model, Working ... tons unleashed platforms are to be removed from Norwegian-owned parts of the North Sea and brought to land...

    Article Working in Norway Nov. 3 2017
  7. Integration at Work: Simply the Best?

    This phrase could apply to the stereotypical Norwegian communication style. People here are known for ... Communication at Work course, the ‘NNs’ (non-Norwegians) there came up with one instance where they didn’t...

    Article Working in Norway May 12 2018
  8. ‘So Why Is Norway Rich?’: Falling Into the (Easy) Tabloid Trap

    ...workplace,journalistic standards,Norwegian workplace,the norwegian model, Working in Norway Talk about ... article about the ongoing dispute regarding some Norwegians’ wish to either leave the EEA altogether or renegotiate...

    Article Working in Norway May 12 2017
  9. Tips to help you get ready for your next salary review

    ...advises the Tekna attorney. Be well prepared Norwegians have something of a taboo against talking about ... four general criteria are used for this purpose: economy, productivity, competitiveness and future prospects...

    Article Råd og tips Nov. 12 2021
  10. The return of the technologists to senior management

    " says Professor Ragnhild Kvålshaugen of the Norwegian Business School. Together with her colleague, ... Rolv Petter Amdam, she conducted a study into Norwegian senior managers and their educational background...

    Article Nov. 2 2017